Life in the astral plane as a way of moving in space

 Many of us have heard of the astral double. But what portends a meeting with him, few know. Myths goes far more than the truth. Meanwhile, scientists have proven that to travel through time and space, time machine or teleport optional. You only need to learn to leave your body, consciously or finally make friends with his astral body.   Of course, the journey — it's not the goal itself. But if we approach our abilities and the same features from a purely practical point of view — hence the ability to leave our physical form is given to us for a reason. First, let's try to understand what the astral double, and how he lives, because it does not feed the porridge. Maybe our astral «I» is we are real?… So far in this matter puzzles much more than clues. Every material object, even a particle has its astral match, and he is not a duplicate of this body simple, and usually extremely difficult, being made up of different kinds of astral matter. In addition, every living being surrounded by its own atmosphere, commonly called the aura. Astral plane — it is one of the parallel worlds. Real people can see, but can not «astral travel.» Scientific experiments have shown that people on the astral plane can penetrate almost any place to get some information and remember it on his return from the trip. Maybe time travel in both directions. Select the exact time and place. Communication problems that exist in the physical world, the astral plane are missing. There are two main types of astral travel: those that are carried out in the world that has the external features of the physical world, and those where one has to deal with the immersion in the mystical reality of other dimensions.  In their eyes the astral body Vision of the plan — the ability to view other than the physical, and is much wider. Any object can be seen as if from all sides at once, as well as the inside. Development of astral vision should not be seen as an end in itself, because all the efforts for such a purpose would inevitably lead to what is called the East laukika — this method does allow the development to get some psychic ability, but only for the current personality, and because their purchase is not provided with any safety means, studied them very likely to be misused. This class contains all the systems that use drugs, elemental spell, or hatha yoga. Another method, called lokottara, is raja yoga or spiritual progress, and although it may be slightly slower than the first, all achieved by means of it is purchased for a permanent identity and never lost. Fully developed higher sight allows you to increase the smallest physical particles to any size, like a microscope, although the strength of increase is much greater than any increase in the microscope. During astral travel etheric double supports direct connection to the physical body. At the slightest threat to the physical body astral double automatically and instantly returns to its shell.  Explanations from the dictionary Astral body — the counterpart of the physical body, which has a fine organization and the possible existence in another dimension. Sometimes called the etheric double. According to Hereward Carrington density of the astral body is one-millionth of the density of the physical body. After numerous experiments, the researcher concluded that the astral body weighs about forty-odd grams. Astral body leaves the physical, passing through the aura of the forehead, known as the glabella, and back in the occipital region. Bilocation — a phenomenon in which the same «rights» simultaneously observed in two different places (the physical body in one place and watch astral double of the other).  Commonly believed that the etheric body is capable of a limited form of low-energy projection beyond your physical body. Etheric body — a fountain of energy. It — the basis of all vital biological processes, bioenergy generator and conductor of pure energy functions. The etheric body is a function of complex bio-energy relations with the physical body, which supplies it with energy for all energy needs and includes some energy function. What is commonly called the ethereal projection is a type of energy-Super Extended projection. How does it occur? For a complete multi-level carotid projection, physical / etheric body awakening, usually with the characteristic features of the projection and experiencing fluctuations. At this time, the real-time double sleeper already projected and floating in a dream, just above the physical body. All of its higher aspects also were projected in their respective izmerencheskie levels. When the physical / etheric mind awakened under him realtaymny double just a little swing back in the direction of the physical / etheric body. All higher projected double persist or function in their higher levels, though it has a bit more sluggish. After that waking experiences spontaneous projection projector output real time as the real-time double slipping out of the physical body up — but this time fully awake. (Projectors at these events did not realize that they are violating a full range of multi-level carotid projection at full speed). Sometimes this projection waking double live fully completed and the projected double is extremely weak, and will have great difficulty in moving. Perhaps, the projector will slowly disintegrate and completely fall apart almost immediately after the release. Many of the inhabitants of the astral world have the ability to change their shape with astonishing rapidity, and for entertainment direct to the person to whom they want, virtually unlimited obsession.  Travel on dreams There is a theory that all of what we see in a dream, or rather the dreams that we remember, in fact, see our astral counterparts. Only in our dreams a little more nonsense, such as: cockroaches, which portend money, dogs, friends, and who promise that never comes true, and nobody knows what's what. However, according to this theory, our twin can send us to the correct address. Scientist, psychologist Valery Meshalkin: — If the physical body is asleep, while the mind is at least partially active, it enters a phase of the trance state. In a trance, if there is the usual uncontrolled falling asleep, controlled by decreasing the severity and pleasant warmth will be felt only for a moment before seeming oblivion of sleep closes waking consciousness. When you reach the first phase of the trance state — light trance — a process of expansion of the etheric body. To be more precise, in the first stage of the generation advanced etheric body is formed separately, but still inside the subtle body. The deeper the level of trance, the more divided and more independently functioning etheric body will be made. The expanded etheric body is produced, the center of consciousness automatically passes (internally projected or reflected) in the etheric body. This — the first stage of a multi-level process of projection, only one small step away from the physical body and its normal level of waking consciousness. Center of consciousness now moved up a level from his physical body, and now it's just one level down from the first projection of the subtle body, projectable double real time. I'm considering going to sleep and enters a trance state as a result of the same general effect, such as the projection of the internal energy of the body or the reflection center of consciousness in the etheric body. If this process occurs during a dive in the ordinary dream, a copy of the sleeping consciousness and memory are recorded (copied) into the etheric body. Shortly after this, when the slumbering bodies still mired in a dream (or a deeper trance state), the real-time body will be thrown in and prepared for the total exclusion (or projected) physical / etheric body abroad physical body. If you want to develop your skills in a dream, you have to be attentive to those feelings, and despite fears deepen, to fall into them, while trying to maintain awareness of what is happening.  Our eternal astral copy Man, however, goes to the astral plane after death. All items and the inhabitants of the astral plane just as real as the objects of the physical plane. As subjects of the physical plane, they can not last forever. Astral plane extensive physical, extends for several thousand miles above the surface. On the astral matter, the law of gravity.  Meeting with a A state of shock that people experience when dealing with the astral visitor, can only be explained by the fact that so few people know about his second, well, some «me» ... Stress, increased perception, feelings, resentment can lead to astral «door.» Some people are able to accumulate negative energy for a long time, and not getting rid of it, as others do. Let me remind you paraphrase problems, and at the same time reset the visualization, ie, all this is happening in communication: we need someone who will listen to the complaints of life, failures, and problems… All this creates negative energy. Such people are able to for a long time, without prejudice to himself accumulate this negative energy. Their emotional «batteries» is much more powerful than the rest. Live your life, people may not know about it. Usually, if people are positive, then the patience they have enough for two. They are able to contain the emotions, not «dumping» them. Over time, they begin to feel the internal fatigue. Simply nerves pass. This does not mean that they are mentally ill, they just do not know how to get rid of negative emotions, they are tired of them. So sometimes, not all of course, during this fatigue a feeling of dissatisfaction. This leads to what triggered the ability to call the «astral beings». As we know, all the emotions come from the man. Only human nature is capable of producing conscious emotions, if there are too many, they are able to manifest itself in the form of «shadow» of a person or just a shadow. They are visible only to those who caused them unconsciously. Harm they are capable of, and may scare. Most often it is seen at dusk or on cloudy days, very rare sunny days. Harm they cause can not, but give the feeling of being full. Why are harmless? Can you harm fog or cloud?! Of course not! It's just a bunch of emotions, than you see with a heightened sense of perception. The totality of these senses sufficient to exhibit call. You for some time involuntarily become a medium or magnetistom. The phenomenon of astral outputs (like when a person leaves his body, being in an altered state of consciousness) has repeatedly been studied by scientists and parapsychologists. So, in the late 60's a series of experiments on the «out of body» in the lab put American Charles Tart. The subjects were put to sleep, their bodies caked with sensors that recorded the action currents of the brain, eye movement, blood pressure, and the electrical resistance of the skin. During the experiments, Tarte put on the shelf above the bed sleeping with the selected card at random five-digit number. See the writing on the card could only while under the ceiling. If there were «out of body», the subject woke up and told me about their experiences and put the number on the card. In our country, similar studies by famous psychiatrist VL Raikov. The experiments involved a psychic, who was noted for his astral double, visible to them and obey only him. By order of the «host» phantom moved into the next room, where the woman, lost Raikov into a hypnotic state. Before that, a woman is not acquainted with a psychic, and she, of course, did not know what he looks like. When she was asked to describe the appearance of the ghost, the resulting description is completely coincided with the appearance of the psychic. In addition, she was assigned phantom needle prick, and every time his «boss» felt injections.  From the point of view of science Known researcher and theorist Professor Boris anomalous Iskakov believes that there are several varieties of phantom doubles and in other words, perhaps «exit» from the physical body of his energy substance, under certain conditions, becoming visible. First of all, it is an involuntary exit from the body double. Iskakov includes: when a person dies a violent death, his body at this point has the maximum high power, which contributes to materialize and the allocation of the body double. And this ghost is prepared for a long existence. This is a kind compensation for forcibly interrupted lives. But is it quite possible the appearance of a double from deliberate and intelligent actions of the individual. Special techniques to «exit» from its body are described in many religions. They were often used by shamans and sorcerers, but kept with in strict confidence. Only recent experiments scientists have proved that such a phantom double is not just mental, it was thought, but the physical reality. Specialist in bioenergoinformatsii Professor A. Chernetsky proved that human counterpart has many of the characteristics of living things. For example, mass, density… and around it there is also a biological field, recorded by instruments. Iskakov convinced that any emotional process, followed by a strain of thought or willpower, emits pulse — a cloud of tiny material particles (leptons). They, with their high concentration, can take human shape and, most interestingly, to move in space and time with great speed. This is the so-called lepton currents. These flows move in both forward and reverse directions, so their double a person can go on a journey into the past and into the future. Isolated from the twins themselves are many powerful psychics and parapsychologists. Most often they use it to treat patients at a distance. In this way, for example, healing people psychic E. Dubitsky. His patients are mentally, in a specific pattern, call to his counterpart Dubitsky when they need urgent help. They feel the heat from the twin, his touch to painful places, hear the steps, breathing, and some see it ... But the Russian scientist Valery Meshalkin developed a unique technique which is not owned by anyone in the world. He can «produce» lepton twins both from himself and from others, and the number of participants in the experiment does not matter. All twins are able to travel through time and space with all speeds. First specialist strong strain of thought distinguishes his double, which will be a guide to future travel, and then — from the bodies of the twins assembled people. On the secrets of this technique Meshalkin prefers not to talk, stressing only that it has nothing to do with meditation or hypnosis. Interesting: sitting in the audience not only see themselves in the physical body, but also doubles the experiment participants. Moreover, the twins and the body are connected by rays of light: one — blue, someone — purple, silver, etc. For these rays doubles and come back into the body.  Astral double searched the library of Ivan the Terrible Where not only traveled Meshalkin and his audience! Let's say you were looking for a missing library of Ivan the Terrible, not once, and different groups. In one of these groups was a boy of eight. This was a particularly successful experiment. «Profits» of its members in 1570. It was July 10, seven in the morning. The king had already got out of bed. Travelers politely and courteously asked Ivan to show them to your library. Autocrat was not happy. Instead, he offered to see his collection of treasures. There was tea and china set of marvelous beauty, and a silver table for 1,000 guests. The king led guests through dark dungeons, mica lamp lighting the way, which is then described in detail, and even drew all participants traveling. Finally, giving persistent requests, showed the library. In special boxes contained scrolls, papyrus, ancient books. Particularly beautiful are two books in the red binding. Meshalkin asked the boy, «read the title!» And the child in fluent Hebrew (doubles all can) read, and his companions were perfectly understood that it was the «Proverbs of Solomon.»  And then they asked Ivan the Terrible to say where is his library? But the king was angry and refused to do it. He stated that the location of the library is not open can, it banned. You can ask the question: why do we need such trips? Experts respond that this is one of the new ways of understanding the world. But most important — with twins can look for the causes of many human diseases.  newfresh.nam  

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