Love magic. She stole his, or He, own initiative, went to her? Signs of love spells

To begin with, there is always a danger that your husband or boyfriend will be the object of attention and an eye for someone's feelings by. According to statistics, the number of men is significantly lower than the average number of women, and in this respect there is always the likelihood that your treasured partner will lead you straight from the nose, taking into account also the time that men are polygamous beings, that is the nature of them inherent desire to reproduce and communicate with all the pretty girls.
Let us add to this premature aging of the female body and loss of shape under the influence of pregnancy, gestation and birth, breastfeeding and other necessary physiological factors that somehow lead to the fact that a woman becomes less attractive, less sexy, and therefore less interesting for a potential partner. By the same, with the advent of children a woman has added worries and troubles, it ceases to look after themselves and provide the necessary attention to her husband, romantic desire to attract and charm fades into the background, and at first acts taking care of family and domestic problems.
At this time, a man and begins to think that it becomes boring and uninteresting, it begins increasingly to disappear somewhere in the evening, stay home from work or at all, to come in the morning with traces of lipstick and the smell of expensive women's perfume. For a while he resists when questioning, and the outrage of the spouses is responsible vague phrase — say, stayed in the office, went to corporate, went through too much and does not remember where he got so much incriminating evidence of that right screaming about his infidelity. But after a while, all the secret becomes clear, found a girlfriend or lover, which begins to actively involve your spouse.

Frequent thoughts deceived women are suspected love spells

What are the signs it is? If your spouse was influenced by love spell, it will start to pull this woman, for all that he will keep a good attitude to you and the family will take care and attention, participate in family affairs, to communicate with children.
Nevertheless, it occurs an overwhelming sense of attachment to the woman who made him love spell, and it will be over and over again to go to it, do it more often, and usually in the family relationship deteriorated quite naturally, because the spouse will express their dissatisfaction, complaints and grievances, roll up scandals and in the end will give a divorce, can not tolerate such behavior by men. In this girl gets what she wanted, under the influence of love spell family destroyed, and the hapless husband gets her full enjoyment.
But in some cases, destruction of the family can contribute to spell and hatred, and it is quite different interventions aimed at cooling the feelings between husband and wife, breach of the peace and harmony in the family. hatred spell is often called «breakup spell» that induce opponents to achieve their goal to embroil spouses.
Signs «break up spells» is aggression and hostile attitude on the part of men, it will run away from home, to experience discomfort in the vicinity of his wife, and as a result — he leaves the family, but under the influence of a pathological desire to incite hatred and aversion to his wife, which arose as a consequence of this action. In other words — the impact of different, but the result may be one — the family split up, and former spouses and loving people feel about each other negativity, resentment and frustration.

What methods can protect against magical intervention?

First of all, oddly enough, the best protection — is your faith and love for a friend, your partner. If you feel that your disorder suffered from scratch, do not blame him, and hearken to the crux of the problem. Be sure to talk and discuss with him all the difficulties in the relationship to him came the realization that he is wrong and their actions cause you pain and suffering. Only true love and faith is not subject to any magical effect, remember this and do not stoop to clarify the relationship in a raised voice, tantrums and insults. Only patience and love will help you deal with all the problems that arise sooner or later every family and every pair.

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