Love spell. The sequence of execution.

love spell sequence executionThere is hardly a person who has not passed through the torment of unrequited love. Fight or let go? — This is the main question in this situation. And no one, except you will not give him an answer. It's just your decision and yours alone responsible for this decision. It should be mature and balanced. popaio
I would like you to understand the difference between «love spell» and «ritual», because many, in practice, these concepts are confused. Love spell — it always COMPLEX rituals. That is the work of love spell always consists of a series of rituals.
And each stage of the work (ritual) can be done in different ways! And at each stage can (and should!) To adjust further plan depending on the circumstances. And that this is the art of the masters — to determine which rituals will work in every case and respond to the dynamics of events.
We consider necessary and possible steps magic love spell work.
In magic, there is no non-essential things. But one of the most essential things (if not the most important), in my opinion — is confidence in the intention. Firm belief that you do not doubt your goal.
If no such certainty, the next move is not necessary.
1. Statement of purpose. What we want to get as a result of a love spell? Objectives can be very different: return a loved one, to return to her husband's family, take away a man of the family, make a strong sexual bind, get married, get married, to avenge the betrayal; and the list goes on. The main thing — you need to be sure that you really need.
2. Diagnosis and tarot reading. This is a necessary step, without further move very difficult, almost impossible. In the process of diagnosis, I analyze the situation of people who are involved in the situation, and which have an impact on it. Analyze the causes of the current situation and develop work plans.
3. Magical cleansing — usually requires almost always. Get out of foreign influence (if any), then Get out and negative effects. In other words, clears the field for themselves for further work.
4. If there is a rival / opponent, then work on the side. There are spells to destroy the relationship and to embroil all sorts of specific rituals are determined by the results of the diagnosis.
5. The Love rituals. Their great mass, in various media, the essence boils down to, to create and / or strengthen ties (emotional, sexual, karmic, any) between the client and the object. There usually comes a few interconnected rituals (complex work), their vector and the force depends on the customer and on the diagnostic results. The scatter is very large — from mild emotional anchor to egileta (it's hard black spell, as a result of which the object will not be able to enter into a sexual relationship with anyone other than the customer), but you can do both, it depends on the circumstances and your desire. Again, a love rituals there are so many, it certainly is agreed with the customer.
6. Securing the work. This step wizard walks each in its own way, there are standard ways I use my copyright and ancestral rituals.
7. Casting protection. Here too, as in the previous step, there are many techniques, and the case of the Master.
8. Enjoy result) enjoy carefully.

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