Love spells on the red apple. How does it work and what are the consequences of love spell using apple

red apple love spells using Love spells on the apple — is a simple but effective spell. This fruit for use in the love spell not just chosen so. The first mention of a magic apple — in the Bible. Each of us have heard the story of Adam and Eve to bite off apple — forbidden fruit. This is a fruit found in fairy tales, such as «Snow White.»
Since ancient times, Apple endowed with magical properties, it acted as a symbol of the union of the masculine and the feminine, the source of energy and youth. If an apple is cut in the shape it resembles a heart, and the heart symbolizes the love between two people, so also red apple love spell  that work filled with powerful energy of love. By itself, the way to do a spell simple and easy.
Features red apple love spells
No matter what type of apple love spell you choose, almost every spell you need a beautiful red, white sheet of paper and a few simple ingredients that are in your house. It is very important to do during each spell to think only about the good:love spell using apple based on your energy.
Types of love spell with apple
How to prepare for casting love spells on apple. My video tutorial  on Youtube:

Important rules for casting red apple love spell
Apple is best to disrupt his own hands in the garden, because they bought, endowed with energy of other people, it fell into whose hands. Love spells using apple would be the best if the fruit is ripe and juicy apple color should be red. The redder the apple, the more likely that your beloved will come to you.
If, during the binding of the two  collapse, continue to make red apple love spell you can not, you have to stop. So time is not ripe to join hearts, to be postponed for a month ritual. It prohibited the presence of other strangers while casting this spell. The exceptions are — professional witches and spellcasters. It is important to remember that any bewitch for apples — this is just one way to attract the attention of a loved one. After casting this spell you still have to work hard to build strong relationships.
If you have doubts and you do not know what to do and how to be better, it makes sense to come to a witch for divination, tarot reading. And on the basis of the results to choose the most appropriate spell for your particular situation ..
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