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For many girls and women often is an issue, how to cast real love spell for guy. The theme is wide enough, so in this article I will address only some aspects of how to do a love spells for guys at a distance, whether to make an independent magic love spell for guy and what came of it.

There are 2 errors in this issue
— Love spells for guy using photos, and just any love ritual is only the negative effects and eventually death.

This misconception is beneficial to many people, but it all went to the church even in time of the Inquisition and the persecution of witches in the country it is a delusion support the church. You think logically — that if it were indeed the case, it is already half the world would have died or became crippled. You see it in our country or the world in general? Draw your own conclusions ...

— The second misconception: love spells for guy can do by reading just a regular plot or finding some less serious love spell for self-fulfillment, and many are trying to own more and fastest guy love spell to hold, especially for school-age girls. Not so simple. Many people can not properly cope with their work and daily tasks, and in my head constantly mess. Because love spells for guy can talk to these people, I mean about self love spell. It would be so easy to do everything, it was not for a long time masters of magic, and in the early days of witches, shamans, witches village. Everyone must do his own thing: I — cast magic, you — the worldly life.

Now the question that many people write to me and ask me to make free love spells for guy 
Do not think for cynicism, but why should I have to make you something for free? You could not get myself love spell guy, or were not able to keep it, and sometimes vice versa done all that he had gone from you, and then somebody owes you something free to do?
This does not happen, for everything in life you have to pay, magic is also the cost of personal energy, power, time. And then suddenly, the man who took the time to develop, constantly engaged in this, improved, will make you free love spell for your guy? You do not go to the dentist and do not tell it to you for free cured? I think not, you just kicked out.

Love spells for guy has casting master of magic, who knows his business. And then you get a result, there will be no disappointment in magic and loss of time, which is sometimes in areas such as gold… Especially when you want to make a quick guy love spell, for example, that he did not marry another or moved to another country, and the other circumstances — go to the master.

Love spell ex-boyfriend or guy to do a little easier if the guy does not have a relationship with another girl. And then the fact that among people already had a relationship, intimacy, passion and feelings. All that remained in the subconscious mind looking for a man. In such cases, you can not just love spell to use, but also other specific rituals to restore everything on the basis of information in the subconscious. This work is also done from photographs.

One of the best mistakes of many girls and women is a love spell for guy's menses (menstrual blood). Many write to me, advise how to do this. Or write about what they do and all they have is fine, the guy feels good and is close to the girl, not away from it.

I say to all the girls who are thinking about self-magical work — love spell on a monthly guy — this is not love spell at all, it is a kind of curse on the submission, but it does not a love ritual. These actions you spoils power of the person. While he will resist, he will be with you, and he'll be all right. But as soon as the reserves will run out, the guy after this love spell will begin to drink a lot of alcohol, beat you to lose interest in life. And it is just some of the problems that arise in such cases.

Love spells for a guy alone for the average person to do at least the growing moon. Many love spell require only a specific day of the week, the other at a certain hour. All this is necessary to clarify and to bear in mind, do not neglect it, doing all in its sole discretion.
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