The magic of the druids

As to where did their magic, experts still argue. Call different people, from the Sumerians, and someone says Persian kingdom, and one sees the source of the magic in scientific works of Pythagoras and Plato. At this point, the controversy rather academic than applied, and yet, the magic of ancient druids considered the magic of our world.

Celtic priests — Druids, no records were only relying on memory, probably, therefore, modern scholars, each open document, if it could not be clearly identified, attributed these Celtic priests. Because of this, the magic of the druids get too comprehensive and highly controversial. And along with this, there are well-preserved and even transcribed testimony of different people, which, at different times, ever to witness the magical art of Druids.

The magic of the druids

The Druids believed that consist of a kinship with trees. Therefore, most often live and practice magic in the forest. By the way, were aspects of their magic and science, such as astronomy, mathematics, physics, and even psychology, philosophy, diplomacy, and a variety of arts, including singing and verse. But these were not separate courses of various sciences, as is done in school — all this has been studied as a part of Nature.

He could master the whole course of the Druid? Cause drought or flood or storm. Could revive the tree and make it a fearless warrior. Could start a fire that could not be extinguished, and could control it by sending in the right direction. Could spell ruin rock and drain the lake or river, or might erect a barrier that can not be distinguished from the natural. Submitting to the will of the druid could have scored a source of clean and healthy water. Druid can take control of any of the four elements, and more powerful priests could control multiple elements simultaneously.

On the one hand, the Druids were doing the same thing as the others did, and representatives of the magical arts, but with this, there are also important differences. The approach to the study and development of magic. One of the tenets of the Druids said that knowledge of the nature and control of it can be implemented only if the will to take control of yourself. That is, the doctrine states that the Druids — the magic, does not an external force, it is present in the priest, and how he managed to control himself, so to be successful learning magic. In order to implement it in practice, the Druids were engaged and self-contemplation, and breathing exercises, and in the study of magic and learning, was used not intuitive, but a real, scientific approach.

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