Meaning of the name - Diana

In Roman mythology, Diana was called the goddess of the moon and hunting.The woman with the same name has a cold, calculating mind, strong character, a strong will, commitment, energy, self-esteem, which is the main criterion for her correctness of all actions. It can not be another's influence, and force it under pressure to change their beliefs is practically impossible.
Diana is not prone to rash decisions. In difficult situations, showing enviable speed and courage. In its actions it is always governed by logic. Different conscientiousness, thoroughness and passing into even pedantry. It is very appreciated for such work, which can not do without these qualities. Diana does not aspire to leadership, but very often the soul and cementing principle in any group.
By weakness, sentimentality, any rapid expression of feelings Diana refers negatively. Interfere with their intimate life, she does not allow anyone. Numerous novels — not her element. Before coquetry Diana does not fall, although popular among men. When choosing a future partner in life, she tries to test it in different situations.
Husband and kids always love and revere her. Diana — a nice, welcoming and hospitable hostess, of the ruling in all domestic affairs. She cares about the welfare of the family, raising children in severity. Betrayed wife.
Diana is endowed with a great intuition, so it is difficult to cheat. Do not tolerate people cold, indifferent. Strong and confident, Diana is well versed in the people and to cope with a wide range of work. Achieves professional success in teaching, art criticism, on the engineering and design work in the field of fashion design, acting break, including in the ballet
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