meaning of the name - Edward

.Protected property, the guardian of wealth, «wielding a spear». In early childhood, it is to laryngitis and pharyngitis. «Winter» — moody, stubborn, looks like a mother, and internally — to the father. Extremely good. Persistent in achieving planned, but easily influenced. It is easy to bring up, almost always grows so what do his parents, teachers, friends. In adulthood are also highly dependent on the environment. Responsive, honor their parents, love children, tinkering with animals, she loves flowers, but may prove unjustified cruelty in critical situations. Inclined hard to dig to the bottom. Often he devotes himself to science, can also enroll in the seminary with the aim to know the meaning of life. He will make a good doctor, teacher, musician, artist. He is attracted by the philosophy as a way to a deeper understanding of the secrets of the universe. Talented in many areas of scientific activity. Natura refined and thin-skinned.
«Winter» Edward — a man with a firm, unyielding nature, difficult to communicate. Avoid conflict, not wanting to waste time. Silent, listening attentively to the interlocutor, but remains unconvinced. Modest, which often prevents him. With hardly succeeds. Possesses good intuition, an excellent memory, his predictions are almost always correct. With no hurry to conclusions, decisions are made carefully, carefully thought of everything.
«Autumn» Edward — a wonderful leader, prudent. He will approach the programming profession. Balanced, diplomatic. Often he had poor eyesight, wears glasses.
«Summer» Edward is more emotional kind. He loves children, and not just their own. They are born in his heterosexual children. A good host, happy to help his wife, bringing up children. Not proud, ambitious. Disclose their talent early, but does not sell them. Only «June» and «July» Edward even at an early age are starting to make a career, and quite skillfully. She loves to travel, fidget. In «August» Edward's first marriage often fails. A girl is born. He likes tinkering, in the house all done by his hands. Able to build, he loves to tinker with the machine.
«January» Edward demanding of himself and others. His quality is more important than quantity. Purposeful, never departs from his principles, but in order to achieve the planned can compromise. It is deeply ingrained sense of discipline and duty. Successfully combining wit and rationalism, which attracts the interest of people.
Do not try to lie to Edward — it is useless. It feels great person to spend it nearly impossible. It requires work colleagues honesty and integrity. Attentive, attaches great importance to the little things. Serious and focused. It has an excellent memory.

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