Meaning of the name - Jasmina

Name Jasmina has Persian roots, literally meaning «jasmine flower», «Jasmine», «jasmine branch.» In a figurative sense Jasmine name also translated as «a gift of the gods» and «fragrant», because this flower has a scent that has not yet learned how to recreate in perfumery.
Little Jasmine — a sample of the humble and docile child. However, we must not think that he is weak-willed. The girl is well able to fend for themselves, and even as a child knows his worth. Although thoughts Jasmine does not seek to attract attention to themselves, it is obtained involuntarily. Both children and adults are drawn to this girl, because of her intelligence and friendly manner of communication. In any society, Jasmine appreciated for her inner strength and seriousness.
Externally Jasmine unusually attractive. This is clearly seen in his childhood and growing up, she becomes the first beauty. Jasmine is aware of its beauty, and this is the basis for her self-esteem. For other people it is tolerant and indulgent. Being well-mannered, she never breaks down to rudeness or hostility.
Growing up, Jasmine and attracts people. No one can remain indifferent to this beauty. In addition, she boasts strong character. Jasmine will not let my soul in anybody. Unfamiliar people she keeps at a distance, treating them too seriously. But in the circle of relatives and friends is the most gentle and romantic person, which you can imagine. It is easy to communicate and very reliable. Jasmine is committed to material comfort, but does not put it to the fore front of friendship and obligations. The woman with the same name is gentle and likes to write poetry, but they only hear one person she let in her personal space.
At work, Jasmine is one of the most responsible and conscientious workers. Most often, she chooses a career in education, art, linguistics and psychology, and, thanks to his hard work, reaches certain heights. Although the girl on the nature of good health, it should avoid the work, which will have to work hard physically and eat properly.
To fall headlong into the maelstrom of love — it's not for Jasmine. She'll never get married all of a sudden. Husband girl himself chooses carefully and pays a lot of time thinking. On the other hand, and to the subsequent marriage Jasmine fits seriously and deliberately. In the future, it is important to see the girl husband coincidence of principles, as well as the ability to keep the family at a decent level. She herself always gracious and attentive. From girl named Jasmine turn caring mother and thrifty housewife. Perhaps it lacks the temperament and sensibility, but in general, the husband can only enjoy such a wife.

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