Meaning of the name JULIA

Women form named Julius, derived from the Latin word «Julius», which means «curly», «fluffy». Roman family name. By temperament — sanguine, but under foreign ease and nonchalance hidden internal work and energy that contribute to its naturalness and durability. It is open to the world. It turns in on themselves only when they do not find a way out of the difficult situation.
Julia is not envious, friends rejoicing success. Cost-effective, thrifty housewife, a good cook. Enthusiastically engaged in housekeeping. The friendly and hospitable. It knows how to listen and give advice.
Life is not always made up quickly and easily. She chooses a long life partner. Julia does not need a «spineless» a man, ready to fully submit to her will, but she does not accept, and arm-twisting and the need to break their views and habits. In dealing with her husband should be yourself, and leave it for the right to independence. When understanding develops a happy family union.
She's a smart, educated, always striving to make a variety of family life, does not allow to miss home. I do not listen to others' advice, even if they are reasonable. Because of this, it can not find a common language with his mother-in-law, and prefers to live with them apart.
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