Meaning of the name Martin

Translated from the Latin meaning «warrior, dedicated to Mars.» Mandatory bring begun business to the end, indecisive, timid, withdrawn. Homebody, he likes to do housework. Do not shy away from any work. Modest, pragmatic, thoughtful.
Love brings joy to Martin, but extramarital affairs, he seeks to avoid moral responsibility. His marriage will be happy only if he married voluntarily, without coercion.
Born in the winter — quarrelsome, so, despite obvious abilities, few succeed in life. Always eager to prove his innocence. He likes to tinker with technology. The nature of the «winter» Martin complicated first marriage is often unsuccessful. It succeeds in law, business, medicine; It can become a priest.
«Summer» Martin — modest, indecisive, but sociable and hospitable, showing a penchant for poetry and painting. Sometimes he can not realize his talent.
«Autumn» calculating, he succeed. It prefers to live with their parents.

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