Meaning of the name Naomi

name naomi meaningName Naomi in Hebrew means «beautiful», «pleasant». This name comes from the Hebrew name of Noomi, in the Old Testament, this name is mentioned as Naomi.
Girl with name Naomi — a mystery to others. Her sensitivity and emotions are usually hidden under the mask of dispassion, icy silence. Naomi strives always to develop, to improve. She loves to travel, and various changes in their lives.
Naomi somewhat idealistic, will try to bring begun business to the state, as close as possible to the ideal. Her inner world is rich in fantasy, it is very important for the inner life and spirituality, but very often she feels a sense of loneliness and misunderstanding. Therefore, it is important to surround Naomi childhood love and attention.
Naomi may feel a sense of inferiority, it should support, encourage her to develop her artistic creativity (painting, music, theater, sewing, cooking). It will be able to express my feelings in an original approach to the standard things: an unusual vase, original design.
Naomi appreciate tranquility and solitude, her interested in many things that are considered out of the ordinary. It is often fascinated by the strange and occult phenomena. Emotionally, her life was not easy for her, Naomi will always find a way to complicate everything around her. This sensual and romantic nature, dreams of harmony with the beloved.
Naomi difficult to communicate, it is difficult to find a common language. Nevertheless, it is able to be faithful.
Very often, Naomi finds herself in the works, it is important to realize their potential for her to make a career (actress, model). Naomi can choose a passive role (the stenographer, secretary, social or health worker) and an active profession that requires assertiveness, activity, frequent travel (work on television, reporter).

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