MUTUAL LOVE After a powerful a love spells - strong a love spell, how to get back to the man of my dreams

 MUTUAL LOVE After a powerful a love spell - strong a love spell, how to get back to the man of my dreamsSTRONG love spells on your favorite men — love spell on a man.A strong spell of love you can do at home. This will require a variety of ingredients, but they are not difficult to find. Start in the heart of man love for you is possible. There are 3 types of love magic for this ritual: black, white and gray magic. All of them are different in nature, derive their strength from various sources. In the photo you can cast love spell to the religious tradition, which is more to my liking. If a man does not notice you, do love a love spell, but first make sure that he is the one who you want. This powerful magic that binds not only the body but also the soul.

3 types of love spells: BLACK, WHITE, GREY MAGIC

Next to us there is a world of energy. This is called the subtle world. There's magic reigns, creates incredible miracles. Learn to communicate with the Subtle World is not so difficult, it is inherent in human nature. Power to operate divided into three types:
bright white energy;
dark black;
gray, is at the middle.
If you want to make a love spell spell on a man or a woman, you have to choose to which forces will cry. The strongest is considered black, but we should not delude ourselves. It is fraught with many dangers for you as well as for men. All these rituals are easy to repeat but you need to have a strong belief in the result. At home, it carried out a short ritual in which participate:
Photo of a man;
Holy water;
natural elements;
various herbs.
Remember, making a love spell, or a spell of love, you change your destiny. It may well be destined to you was not written to be with this man. You had to be different, and with it — the children. And so, you change not only their own destiny, but also the whole family. This is a powerful way, but sometimes — the only one.
Black love spell 
It works faster than any other methods. Nothing stops you, no moral values. Seek to have the world of the dead, demons, ghosts and other creatures of the dark worlds. They are willing to take for the assistance is in their nature to spoil, destroy, break. They are even happy to be violently taken away from her husband the lawful wife. Black love spell spell is done at home, part of the cemetery. This spell creates the most delicate eternal love. It creates a strong dependence. It should be borne in mind that just break off relations with spells not work. He will always be a load. He is attentive, give gifts will often bring you arrive in the middle of the night. Just to see «love» object, so strong the love spell. But he realizes after a while that something was not right. And you do not have him no peace, and without you even worse. Often the consequences for both sad: a man loses control over the mind, a woman may remain barren. This is a fee for the performance of the dark forces of your desire. Not love, but your man. Powerful sorcerers are able to put the defense on himself and partner. It can help to save lives and health. But it is not so easy to do, because of the execution of the desire to have to pay another coin. And what — is not for you to decide.
White love spell 
White love spell more sparing. It is also not the way to create love out of nothing. It does not turn out just to see a handsome man on the street, make it photo on the mobile phone, and the casting house zaklinanie. In order to get it, you must:
be familiar with the man;
have at least some private communication;
feel attracted to him, sympathy.
White love spell spell turns for help to the Holy Angels. If in your heart there is sympathy or love, and his heart can reciprocate, then you will be together.
If a man can not be yours, from his true destiny depends on too many things, the spell does not work, and you have to forget about it. Do not be sad. Implementation will send you to another person who will be your fate.
Gray love spell 
Gray love spell everywhere takes on a little bit. He goes to both sides of the force immediately, hoping to bypass obstacles white love spell and reduce the risk of black. If you are not sure which one to choose, it is better to start with him. The fee for such an act is not so high, and the ability to turn back you will have. He will never be as strong as black and as light as white. You decide where to start. Gray love spell can be made at home using the photo. Nothing special need for it.

Bewitch men (guy) AT HOME


If you are ready, you will need your photo, a photo of your beloved. If you have a joint, it is also well suited. Everything else you do in the home as prescribed ritual and spell.
Black love spell on photos
This spell can be done at home if you do not know how to operate the cemetery. Only a strong practice on it goes. If you have these skills, then go to the cemetery at night, a ceremony is held at the grave of a man with the same name.
You will need a few things:
Picture the person you want to fall in love;
black natural candle.
On a sheet of paper, write in block letters the name of the man. On it will need to paste the photos, the face of the paper.
Place the paper with a photo on the floor.
In the left hand take the lit black candle.
Stand with the left foot on the list, you can heel.
Say it 3 times:
«13 devils and 13 brothers. Out of the darkness go out, help me. On the east side is a hut in the middle of it is the board, under the board and longing. Crying anguish, crying, white light awaits. You go melancholy take on (male name) longing send. Dig longing, eats into the heart in the chest, in the stomach (male name) dismiss, grow all the veins, bones, for me (girl's name), and do not let in any hour. May it be so».
Then you have to go down on his knees in front of a photo, fill with wax candles in the shape of a cross. This photo should be well hidden at home so that the wax does not break down. The man soon he will come to you and ask for a date. It acts very quickly. This powerful love spell, which refers to the forces of darkness. Do not forget about it. In the near future it may happen that you are severely injure, cut yourself. This ritual requires the blood.
White love spell on apple
The ritual will bring love to those who believe and wait. The action is not as fast as the black, but has many of its advantages. You will need:
photo lover
ink pen and ink;
White paper;
1 ripe red apple;
a new knife;
4 natural candles.
Photos need to kiss three times, and burn the cross. Your love is on the way. The ash mixed in the ink.
Write ink ash text spells:
«Apple dries, and (name of the guy) in my sighs. Apple rot
wears away, and the (male name) wants to see me.
The holy angels, remind me, my
sweet boy (name). That he missed at least thoughts
He held and missed. How well will dry apple and
(Name) I will not forget, nor an hour or a day, or through
year. I did not see if he cares how to miss me when
Anyway see. Let all, and so will he
I will not forget. Amen. Amen. Amen».
Cut the apple in half.
Put a spell between the halves.
Seam pour candle wax.
Above the apple again read the spell.
Now hide the apple and wait until it dries. Once dry, love spell worked.
Gray love spell spell
Done at home on the day of Thursday, on the growing moon. Above a photo of your lover read 13 times:
«Heavenly horses 13, 13 fast winds, come from the mountains of white, found at (name of a loved one), so hot longing gray mountain that he mourned, missed, not seen sunlight. Throw it to me the day when the sun bright red, dark night with yellow month. Amen».
This is a powerful way to tie the love of self. It will act as you do not destroy the photos. Only a very strong practitioner will be able to detect it and remove it. If there is no such can be calm, surrounded by men.
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