Now Waning Moon Love spells. Black or White Magic For the attraction of love and happiness - It can be done!

waning moon love spellsThe energy of the waning moon is destructive. Magic spells, used at this time, has specific features. Here the goal is not so much to attract a girlfriend or boyfriend ( wife or husband), get his or her attention and response feelings, as well as the formation of a strong disgust and dislike for other women (or men), rivals and lovers.
Most often, love spells on the waning moon are used to take a strange husband out of the family, or take a guy from a rival (another girl). The purpose of this ritual is initially negative, so the love spell on the waning moon is considered a ritual of black magic.

Specificity of the waning moon love spells

If you make a waning love moon, you must have magical protection and experience casting such spells.
Despite the high probability of negative consequences (if you do not have experience in magic and do not have strong protection), love spells on the waning moon have high efficiency.
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Ways of independent fulfillment of the decreasing moon of love spells. Independently

Wanning Moon Love Spells using of photo

To perform this ritual, take a photo of the guy (the girl) you want to bewitch, 3 candles of red color from natural wax and a new needle. The spell is done at midnight. The order of your actions:
Put the candles on the windowsill and light them. Stand at the window so that you can see the moon.
In the hands take a photo. Look in turn at the photo and on the waning moon, read the spell:
«As the night loves the moon and does not begin without it, so would you, (name), only me, (your name) loved, only with me was, did not go To someone else. »
Say the words 3 times.
After reading the spell candles extinguish, melted wax from the candles, cling to the face in the photo.
After completion, draw a lock on the wax spot with a needle and say:
«I close the lock, I take the key for myself. Amen».

The photo is hidden in a safe place, protected from extraneous sight and hands. Keep a photo until you see him or her. .
This rite will begin its operation immediately after the onset of the new moon.
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Cemetery waning moon love spells

Graveyard love spells are considered the strongest, however, and the most dangerous in terms of receiving retribution. Spellcasters do not recommend making this love spell on their own, since an ordinary person can not cope with all the subtleties of this ritual, can lose concentration, which will lead to illnesses and even death.
For the ritual, go to the cemetery during the waning moon, and find a fresh grave with the same name as the name of your love. The first night next to the grave you just have to stand for a while. We must leave without looking back and talking to no one. After visiting the graveyard, be sure to wash your hands and shoes. The next night, go back to the same grave and bury the photo of your boyfriend (or girl) in the grave. Then read the spell:

how to make waning moon love spells luna«You, (the name of the deceased), lie in wet earth. And my beloved (name) lives, but not with me. Give me, (name of the deceased), your blessing and your word. Let my favorite (name) forget about another girl (boyfriend), and he (she) will always be with me. If he will not be with me, you, the dead (the name of the deceased) will not sit in heaven, but you will burn in hell, but the living person (the name of the boy or girl) must immediately die. „

From the cemetery you have to go, not talking to anyone and not looking at other graves. When you come to the house, go straight to bed. When in 5-9 days the photo begins to rot, a man (woman) will be attracted to you. Do not forget that in connection with the specifics of this love spell, you can not return to the same grave and after 1 year after the ritual, you must remember to put candles every Sunday to commemorate the soul of the deceased whose name was on the grave. This will save you against the vengeance of this disturbed soul.
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