On the "empty" questions. Loss of time and the layering of negative emotions.

Good day. Today decided to highlight the theme of questions and responses to them respectively the same. In issues often have to read very interesting. It is clear that the Internet is the World Wide Web, and a huge number of people. Everyone has his own interests and his views on life.
But the conversation now actually not about the people and their attitude to life, and about the issues that interest them. Clearly, this is likely to vital questions. Many easy — simply killing time, guided by the idea, and «I have nothing to do and I'll go and get a tarot reading a witch, that can learn, and time will pass quickly.»
This is a matter of each visitor to ask or not to ask me your question as a specialist — to answer or not. Not talking about it. Talk about the issues that are very difficult to answer at all!
TRANSPARENCY MATTERS (right) — are as follows:
«When I get married?
How much will I have children?
What will be the first child sex?
Will my marriage durable?
When can I meet someone with whom I can start a family?
Is it possible for a man to a particular attention to me?
How to improve relations in the family or with your loved one?
Is there a curse on me?
Why do I have no luck in your personal life? „
I answer these questions I can. This clear and specific questions. Because at the person asking this question, there is a good chance to get a clear and comprehensive response. At the same time, all will be satisfied.
The wrong question (vague and incorrect)
What do you think, what would be the response to a vague, foggy question? Let us give some examples. These examples I take the life course, as these issues have to hear all the time.
— Will I ever be happy?
That's exactly what you can answer that. Of course awake. OR NOT — EVER. Happiness is a loose concept. Who is satisfied with a crust of bread, and glad of it. For someone happiness and just wake up in the morning, but for someone the whole life of sheer bad luck, even with all the best.
— How much will I have children, what sex, and what are their names? On top of this tirade — and I'll go get married?
What to say. And all this in the general questions. So well, children will be more understandable Well, that's — how they will call? — This anecdote already agree.
Change of scenery. Often such a situation arises.
— The visitor thinks that now I ask a question and get an answer. BUT asking a question he did not get an answer, or rather he got them from a lot of different and sorcerers. But the answer he did not like.
Suppose — all witches and wizards have watched the situation and saw the curse on man consultation. Sorcerers of course, saw it — recommended to get rid of the pre-negativity apply personally for detailed explanations.
BUT. A man decides, and I now give ka a change of scenery, and ask the question again. And the fun begins. And so begins vymudryat so. But the permutation of summands — the amount does not change. Everything remains unchanged. But that's not all. So, from this worse.
What happens — a visitor comes to stimulation, both want to tell him — all good. And do not say.
Then — do you really think that professionals working in this area of the robot. In — First, everyone who works here has behind him a wealth of practical experience, professional visual memory on the photo. Besides phenomenal psychic and psychic possibilities how to read and manipulate an object at any distance. Therefore, these questions cause a specialist is not very pleasant emotions. I do not think someone like that and put it feel bad.
But these emotions are negative and the visitor and the specialist is not going away, and accumulate and become, an additional negative burden for a man playing in these games.
So ladies and gentlemen, does not serve as a computer monitor and distance no obstacle for accurate diagnosis, or for transmitting energy, both positive and negative. Appreciate and respect yourself, appreciate your time and work of people (not bots) to which you are applying. You love and understanding!

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