Power infertility - the inability to become pregnant. Magic causes of infertility.

In our time in front of many families very often there is a problem. This is really a problem! A woman can not get pregnant! Full family, everything is fine, but no children!
Why? I want now to consider in more detail some reasons that are a hindrance to the pregnancy or the inability to have a pregnancy «go out» and give birth normally.
We will not consider physiological disorders, disorders or diseases that do not allow a woman to conceive and bear a child! Let the medicine concerned with the treatment and elimination of these violations.
Well, what if for medical reasons, and the results of the survey — No violations?
The question that now considering, does not apply to physiological disorders and neither man nor woman. Inability to conceive can serve, and other factors. Because often the women and men of all health indicators are quite healthy. The woman is quite capable and pregnant and give birth. But this is not happening.
In folk medicine, or language parapsychology this «diagnosis» sounds like «road closed». What is it and who is it closed?
If a woman and a man live a normal sexual life without contraception within half a year, it is worth the alert! If pregnancy does not occur throughout the year, it is already necessary to turn to specialists for help. This is the violation. First of all a woman needs a complete examination for a woman! If the medicine does not detect violations, which would hinder or even made it impossible to get pregnant if there is an official diagnosis, the course should take a full cure, doctor appointments.
If these apparent violations, no, no diagnosis, and in terms of a woman can get pregnant and give birth. Here already, seek professional help from the field of parapsychology. It is a violation of parapsychology!
Diagnosis «energy infertility» can be a woman for several reasons. The road to the emergence of a new human being in this world, it is in this family, may close certain circumstances. A woman can close the road itself or your emotions or actions!
Causes that created the woman.
1. Do not desire to have a certain period of time on the ground — domestic and social disorder, fear to give birth out of wedlock (but living sexuality). The woman in the first place puts the achievement of the objectives — work career.
2. Artificial termination (abortion) first, an unwanted pregnancy!
3. Karmic reasons (own karma).
In the above reasons impetus to the closure of the road were the moods of women who have created a powerful and rigid programs, which cover an opportunity to conceive. Baby shower simply can not enter into this world through this woman. The door is locked.
The following reasons, which are also not allowed to get pregnant and give birth may be external.
1. The family curse.
2. evil eye.
3. Karmic reasons (karma kind).
Power infertility — the verdict? Or the problem can still be solved? CAN. All of the above causes can be corrected and eliminated! To do this, you need to see a specialist in the field of parapsychology.

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