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real new moon love spellsEvery skeptic can believe in a positive solution to the problem, but also in the effectiveness of love spell. New Moon is not in vain considered to be a great time for all kinds of casting love spell and magic rituals for love. Since ancient times, it is believed that the new moon has a special energy force that can be used to solve problems.

Love spells on the new moon — casting nuances

To achieve success in casting love spell on the new moon quickly possible, but we must not think that it will be very easy. In addition, one can not hope that successfully make love spell will be a new moon with the same efficiency as on any other day. Compliance with the time of the moon and the belief — the main condition for achieving the goal.
If suddenly the ritual will be done in the new moon, then nothing good will come of this. Moreover, with the person who out of ignorance or specially mixed time and method of casting spells, it can happen any misfortune: so the gods will punish beginner.
Not to be left disappointed with the final result, it is important to understand all the feature of the new moon power and strangeness of the time. Only under this condition, the moon can indeed bestow a spell of love on the new moon immense power.
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Love spells new moon — nuance — the moon accumulates in itself the energy that is ready to serve magical transformation for those who know the value of such actions.
The magic happens in a fairy tale — it does not require a reckoning from the performer, but there should be a person to perform certain actions: wave a magic wand, to say some words
And the magic is also dictates the conditions: the procedure for carrying out a particular love spells. But the most important thing in a simple fact — love spell will not work forever. Therefore, the executor is obliged to be sure that he does, and it will lead to consequences.

New Moon — a good time to make a love spells. Witches recommend the new moon do such a love spell:

— spell aimed at the return of recently deceased loved one
— spell, strengthen feelings of a lover, to enhance passion
— spell that creates a binding in intimate terms.
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My statistics show that making love spell often women and girls.
It is possible that the reason for this is the increased sensitivity. Girls and women are subconsciously feel the flow of energy in the world, and therefore seek to control this energy.
Responsible approach to cast a love spell on their own at home — this is the key to a successful outcome.
And in order not to make mistakes, you need to either consult a witch or scrutinize any information on the new moon of love spell.

love spells using new moon spells black magic whitePhoto love spell using new moon

The most common way to attract love is based on the use of the beloved pictures. Photo carries a pure life energy of one who is depicted on it, it may be a guarantee of effective love spell new moon.
One of the most powerful love spell new moon to do alone. The most favorable time — growing time of the Moon or New Moon.
In advance to prepare a wax candle and woolen thread. Preferred colors: white or red. Color candles required to match the color of the thread!
First you have to take a photo of a loved one in the photo vertically write on the back of his own name, just below — «plus» sign, and then — name bewitches (guy or girl). After you draw a horizontal line below and draw a heart shape. Then — again the «plus» and at the bottom of the word «Amen.»
After all the action with a photo, the photo must be taken in hand, turn so you can see the inscription, and sew the edge of the photo thread of wool in a clockwise direction. This action should be clearly whisper:
«How is a thread after a needle, and (name) will come for me (name).»
Further, the tips of the strings tied to three knots and filled with wax from a candle. One who is love spell new moon, baptized them with his left hand and clearly says: «So be it.»
Then the candle should be left to burn out until the end, and the photo must be wrapped in a white sheet and hide somewhere where nobody else could find.

Strengthening love spells new moon

In order to make one more efficient and reliable love spell new moon, it is important to provide itself with the presence of three tapers of wax.
At the beginning of the spell lit two of them, and the third candle is taken in hand and begins to absorb the warmth of your hands. Over time, the candle will be soft, and of candles can fashion a ring.
By doing so, it is important to think only about your loved one, or more of anything superfluous!
Once managed to make out the candle ring, pronounced these words:
«As the moon was full force, and the heart (the name of) love feelings to me filled. Our love will keep the new moon, the moon will connect our hearts. Amen!»
This spell must be read three times, and then remove the wax ring in some hiding place that no one has found.
The strength and power of the new moon penetrate a man's entire energy envelope, and therefore the maximum can increase the chances of a successful love spell.
The resonance frequencies of energy, regardless of the selected spell or religion of a particular object of the action contribute to achieving the desired result. Therefore, the right mood and faith not only in their own actions, it is very important as the correct time for the new moon cast a spell of love.
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