Preparation for tarot reading or ritual.

If you have planned to visit a witch, for diagnosis or assist you, any magical assistance. You ought to hold a special ritual cleansing himself from some superficial layers of negative energies to the witch was easier to work with you and easier to remove the desired information.
Make sure that you are in the house alone, and no one is going to visit you. Turn off all heaters and space heaters, as well as a refrigerator and air conditioning. Turn off the phone. Draw curtains, lower the blinds, close the shutters on all windows. Lock key on all the doors and close the valves on the windows so you can yourself feel completely confident and not afraid that someone you can see.
If you can not stay home in absolute solitude, make sure that no one bothered you for a few hours. Ask those who live together with you, in any case, you do not worry. Never break this rule, because it is best to engage in cleansing, without being distracted by extraneous stimuli and not taking breaks.
It is not recommended to allow your friends to be with you during the performance of rites of purification, as they are likely to prevent you than give extra energy. Engaged in purifying the best one.
Before starting any cleaning ritual is necessary to sweep, mop or vacuum cleaner to wipe the floor. If the room or in an adjacent room has a fireplace, light it. It is desirable to use oak (including tile), pine, walnut, juniper, cedar, poplar, apple, or ash.
Tie a piece of gauze about the size (10 by 10 cm) of a small handful of the following herbs: verbena pharmacy, garden mint, basil, thyme, fennel, lavender, rosemary, hyssop and valerian. This mixture to the cleaning bath and pouches it can be prepared in advance. Keep the mixture should be in hermetically sealed jar.
Light a thin, white wax candle and fill it with the bag of herbs in the bathroom. Fill one quarter bath with hot water. Throw a bag of herbs into the water and stand in the bath feet. Put a candle in a crystal candlestick.
Dive into the water and relax for a few minutes. Thus it is necessary to put pressure on the bag of herbs that they have allocated to the water and flavoring oils. To enhance the effect of cleansing water and throw in a pinch of sea salt.
Continue to lie in the bath and relax even more. Try to feel the stress is removed, due to the problems of everyday life. If you prefer, you can use a natural soap. Soap to cleanse your body and magical herbs — your soul.
After the procedure, fast dry with a soft towel. Refresh yourself with your favorite perfume or cologne (You can also use magical oil), touching the soles of the feet, wrists and forehead. Put gown or any other clothing and holding a candle in front of a sign in your room. You can stay and naked.
If you do not have a bath, bring to a boil 2 liters of water, let it cool a little, and immerse the bag of herbs. Cover the vessel with water and allow to cover about 1 hour. Then take a shower and after soaped, obleytes thus prepared herbal extract. This brings quite good results, but nothing can compare with the magical bath.
Light the candles piece of charcoal and see how it breaks out. After that, light set on a table thin wax candles. Pour on a little piece of charcoal is highly aromatic substances.
Now you can start cleaning or a magical ritual witch

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