Psy magic

Once upon a time, during the very first magicians, when the energy flow was nothing to prevent travel in space, psychological magic made the first steps, and it was true only a small part of the magic of knowledge. Need for it is almost not there, and the flows themselves more like flowing rivers with clean, potable water. But this idyll could not last too long. It was not long, and psychological magic was not just a part, and an essential part of the magic, as a complex «secret knowledge.»

Excited by human intervention, the original energy flows changed the speed of propagation, were mixed, interpenetrate and overlap each other, and within a short period of time to find a clean energy flow has become almost impossible. It just took the knowledge and the experience that the industry has had time to accumulate magic.

Then there were the times of unbelief and relentless persecution, the magic is hidden, then received absolution, attracting to its ranks various charlatans and deceivers, and then history repeated itself. Later, that is, closer to the present-day time man has mastered electricity, explained and demonstrated the magnetic field, and the same field with the vibrations of different frequencies, the space filled with energy fluxes of artificial origin.

Now, even a newborn, forced to live under the constant crossing of energy fields of different origin. Of course, this is a bad influence on the child's health, his own field has to keep the defense from a very early age, that is, being totally unprepared for such attacks.

About Psy magic

At this stage, psi magic is more reminiscent of physics, especially as often uses the same tools, the same equipment. But today the magician work thinner akin to the work the surgeon, human energy, or energy, homes, offices, etc., you first need to diagnose, find out how much energy, how, in what amount comes to a particular place or closed on a particular person, and only then begin to heal, gently, almost jewelry ...

Due to external influences, their own field of the very thinned, their protective function been lost or greatly diminished. Modern man is more vulnerable to a variety of bad effects than its ancestor. In addition, there have come such a time that a person is forced into contact with a lot of other, usually strangers. Travel on public transport, communication in the store, at work and so on and so forth, a weakened field man simply can not cope with the flow of energy directed at him, does not have time to block the negative, does not have time to take a positive. Hence the constant stress and fatigue that accumulate over the years. And so the city dweller so drawn to nature. In summer and winter, weekends and holidays, at least for a couple of hours, but to escape from the city and immerse yourself in the silence, in the quiet, still.

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