Published a guide for crossing ANIMALS WITH PEOPLE

Once in the beginning of February, the UK authorities for the first time in Europe were allowed to carry out the modification of the genome of a human embryo using CRISPR / Cas9 Technology, Ministry of Internal Affairs published a guide for researchers, growers in the animals of human organs or using hybrid creatures to study treatments for human disease.The document was prepared in consultation with the Office on the use of human tissues, the Office for the Human Fertilisation and Embryology and the British Academy of Medical Sciences.
The manual refers to the fact that experiments in this area have been divided into categories according to their degree of ambiguity. Low priority will now be given to research, it has become common, such as the use of mice with human cancer tumors to study drug effects.
High priority is experimentation, which must prove their scientific merit and ethical acceptability. In this case we are talking about experiments on primates, transplantation of human brain tissue in an animal or the creation of animals, human-like appearance.
For such experiments will continue to require justification, what is their benefit to health.
As a result, scientists will be able to legally basis to experiment on animals with brains, «similar to human», or using animals in human eggs and sperm.

Hybrid animal and human. While only in the artist's imagination

Simplification of the rules on the creation of human and animal hybrids will make the UK a global center for such research, which can lead to major discoveries, aimed at eliminating the deficit of donor organs, said The Times. The publication says that the new technology will help in the future to grow organs for individual orders in sheep or pigs.

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