Since time immemorial, people looked for ways to achieve immortality, or at least prolong his life. Legends of gaining eternal youth handed down from generation to generation throughout history.
The scientists of antiquity and the Middle Ages have created many amazing longevity recipes — from receiving infusions from dried and pounded into powder bats before wiping body with tears of virgins. And judging by the surviving documents, some of the funds were given amazing results.
Cinnabar or meditation?
The earliest available manuscript evidence about the elixir of eternal youth belong to China I millennium BC.
According to historical chronicles, Taoist monks possessed the secret preparation of a medicament that can prolong life. An important component of their preparations was cinnabar, or mercury sulphide (ie mercury, repaid with sulfur), which due to its color was associated with blood.
The manuscripts cite the example of a scientist named Chufu who took cleaned cinnabar with nitrate for 30 years — and the result was the appearance like a teenager, and his hair became bright red.
By the beginning of a new era of Chinese alchemy was divided into external and internal (ie, recognizing the impact from the outside or inside). The first scientific direction came from the fact that immortality can be achieved by taking specific drugs, and the second — that it comes at the expense of the forces of the body, which must be activated by a special breathing exercises, diet, exercise and meditation.
Gradually, the inner alchemy replaced externally. It is known that Khan heard of the Taoist monk Chang Chune who owned the secret of eternal youth and lived for 300 years, China has sent messengers to those with honors brought a magician in Samarkand. But arrived Chang Chun, rather than to create an elixir of immortality of the Great Khan, began to tell him about the benefits of abstinence and a healthy lifestyle.
Elixir of manure
Tips for longevity found in the works of ancient Greek, Egyptian and Persian authors. For example, in the works of Aristotle mentioned Epimenides, priest and poet from the island of Crete, who in 596 BC at the age of 300 years, was invited to Athens to attend the sacrificial ceremonies, and Pliny the Elder wrote about some of the Illyrians, who were able to live to 500 years .
As the drug in these works appear rejuvenating drinks made from fruit of eternal youth. These elixirs believed ancient Greek ambrosia and drevneiranskoe haoma.
One recipe for longevity offered the following ingredients of a magical agent: honey from Africa, gentian Crete, four kinds of live vipers from Sparta, medicinal roots of Gaul, Scythia and Macedonia, as well as a centaur hair.
In addition, youth elixirs for Mediterranean scientists of the time were associated with the use of unusual products — for example, dried snakes or frogs, dead mice, and human and animal excrement.
Breath of young girls
In Bible times, one of the ways of youth return was considered the breath of children or young girls who at night lay side by side with older people. It is known that Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt at night constantly surround themselves with babies.
Later, this method became widespread in France in the XVIII century, where some companies handed the elderly rich overnight innocent young girls. The treatment course was designed for 24 days, while the sexual services were not provided, but as a result of old age such procedures in humans increases vitality and even took some of the disease.
Even in our time studies have shown that human skin is very sensitive to thermal fields emanating from other people — these findings are a strong argument in favor of the healing factor of gentle touches and their application for therapeutic purposes.
Healing basic instinct
Moon Hare tolchёt drug of immortality. Embroidery with Chinese imperial mantle, XVIII century
Intimate relationships are also recognized by the ancient healers as an effective anti-aging tools. An indication of this can be found in the figures relating to the existing more than two thousand years ago, civilizations of India, the Middle East and China, as well as in the classical treatises on love, such as «Phaedrus» and «Banquet» of Plato (IV century BC) «The Art of love» by Ovid (I century), the Indian «Kama Sutra» (III-IV century), „Necklace of the Dove“ Ibn Hazm (XI century) and others.
They not only contain information about the art of love contacts, but first and foremost emphasis on the anti-aging effects of sexual relations. On the same point of the work of ancient antiquity physicians, especially Hippocrates, and Avicenna.
Medicines with cannibalism element
Some anti-aging drugs and drugs have been linked with the blood and flesh — like living people, and their remains.
Here is a recipe from the ancient Persian text: red and freckled man feeding the fruits of 30 years, then put it in a stone jar with honey and other compounds and hermetically resealed. After 120 years, the body will turn into a mummy, which should be taken in parts, as a means, the giver of immortality.
The inhabitants of ancient Rome believed that longevity is the source of the blood — especially young people. After fighting gladiators, many elderly people ran out into the arena and washed the blood of the wounded and dead.
Pharmacists in the XII century as a cure for old age using a powder made from the mummies stolen in Egypt. He is credited with magical magical properties — as well as other remains of the dead.
Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Báthory (1560-1614 years) to save the youth took a bath from the blood of virgins. According to historians, after the death of the Countess more than 600 skeletons of young girls have been found in the basement of her castle.
Black Dragon Burn
In the Middle Ages, alchemists engaged rejuvenation theories. Their ideas were based on the works of the Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle, according to which all objects and living beings in the universe in different proportions composed of four elements: fire, air, earth and water. Immortality, by the assumption of Aristotle, can give is an unknown fifth element — the quintessence.
The main goal of the alchemists was to find such an element, also known as the philosopher's stone and the elixir of immortality. At the same time, scientists of the Middle Ages believed that the philosopher's stone in addition to gifts of eternal life can turn lead or iron into gold and silver, that is, draw a parallel between the chemical metal change and rejuvenation of the human body — because, in their opinion, the metals grow in the womb of the Earth in the same way as the baby grows in the womb.
The main material, with which works medieval scholars, was mercury. As to the metal and liquid, it was seen as a kind of ideal material from which with the addition of sulfur can be prepared by other metals, and above all — the philosopher's stone, granting immortality.
Recipe of the English alchemist George Ripley (XV century), published in his „Book of the twelve gates“, stated that for the elixir of eternal life should heat the mercury and vaporize it in a grape alcohol solution to becoming a solid and then distilled in a clay retort.
Then inside the retort will be black dragon, which had to pound on the rock and burned, and the combustion products are again distilled. The result is a substance similar to human blood — this is the drink, granting longevity.
Gold could also be a component of the magic elixir, because it is not subject to chemical changes, which means that the logic of the alchemists, symbolizes immortality.
Preserved recipe compiled personal physician of Pope Boniface VIII (XIII century), taken orally mixed in powdered form of gold, pearls, sapphires and other precious stones, ivory, sandalwood, deer heart, the root of aloes, musk and ambergris.
Plus 60 years — is not the limit?
The reader will surely ask: Did anyone recipes of medieval alchemists? What do we know about the long-livers of the time?
The church books there is a mention of Bishop Allen de Lisle, who died in 1278. It is alleged that he knew the composition of the elixir of immortality — or, at least, a significant prolongation of life. When he was in his old age dying of old age, the adoption of this elixir has helped him extend life by another 60 years.
The famous philosopher Roger Bacon in one of his writings spoke of a man by the name of Papalius, who spent many years in captivity among the Saracens and there learned the secret of the magic drug manufacturing, using which lived to be 500 years old.
As you can see, in the ancient historical documents frequent mention of the elixir of eternal youth. On one hand, effectiveness of these drugs seems unlikely. But we should not forget that alchemy became the founder of modern pharmacology.
Many scientists say that the human body is designed for a much longer life span — and the fact that people are not yet able to take advantage of, can talk about the loss of longevity recipes that still were open, but have not reached our time.

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