Removal of curses in the distance, over the internet or phone!

As to whether the distance barrier for human interaction? Nowadays, of course not. Exchange of information, thanks to modern means of communication telephone, Internet, satellite communications, make any distance, not so important. And the distances are not a hindrance to the exchange of information or communication!
I always ask the question — is it possible to removal curse on the internet, photos, and at a distance without the presence of the human person?
To answer this question, you can issue! Is casting curses, evil eye requires the presence of the person or his consent? As a rule, no, of course. Neither the presence nor even consent is usually not required.
Would sound silly — «Come, please me I will cast you curse or do I need to do for your love spell. You agree that I did this to you?»
For putting a curse, not a hindrance distance and the lack of the object itself. Enough for magical manipulations have some information about the object. This name, date, month, year of birth and photograph. In some cases not even need and photography. There is a category of so-called curses «windy», which are sent without any destination, but still find its owner. There are curses that are simply thrown off with one, or at the crossroads in the bath, but anywhere, and just find your future «host medium.» IT'S MAGIC!
Therefore removal curse, as a rule, do not require the presence of the man himself. Enough to provide a brief master the necessary information about the person. This is a photo, name, date of birth. That's all. Everything else depends on the skill and professionalism of parapsychologist!
And does not relieve a witch or a specialist program to inernet. He removes the program from the energy matrix, cursed man. And the Internet, the phone is only a means of communication, communication!
Radio, television, and energovolny radiation of different frequency, quality and destination filled with all the surrounding space. Physically, they are not visible and tangible, but it does not mean that they do not exist! Fix these waves is possible by means of special devices. Televisions, radios, cell phones, etc.
In addition to energy radiations of different frequencies that are fixed appliances, there are waves and energy, which are also emitted and received, but not devices, and living beings, in this case we treat people. For measuring and recording these radiations and programs devices not yet invented, but again, this does not mean that these radiations is not!
Now I'm talking about programs, so-called evil eye curse. In fact, this energy program started (written by) people through the magical manipulation of the energy of a certain type. These programs (damage, evil eye) are transmitted at any distance. For them, as for the human mind, physical quantities such as distance or any items that are not a hindrance. From these energies is impossible to hide in an armored tank. Protection against such radiation (programs) can be only by means of the same, specially designed programs and energies. In parapsychology, magic — it's called defense!
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