Rose: a symbol of love and death

rose symbol love deathRoses, especially white — a symbol of silence, because it is sacred flowers Harpocrates, the god of silence. In ancient times, people who want to speak freely without fear that their words will give anyone, wore wreaths of roses, and in Germany for the same purpose a rose painted on the ceilings of meeting rooms, and what was said, «under the rose», one can was open to others.
However, almost everywhere rose — a symbol of love, and it was widely used before in love divination and spells.
In one of the arcane herbalists on this occasion said: «Tear down three flower of love by the light of a full moon. Dry them and sew in a silk bag rectangular pale-blue or emerald green color, wear it around your neck or attach to the inside of the laundry. This amulet will help you in love affairs. „
Before preparing mixtures of love should wash your hands with rose water.
When she wanted to know for whom, presumably, get married, she snatched off rosebud in John's day, wrapped in white paper and hid until Christmas. If during this time the bud remained fresh and fragrant as it was carried into the church, and the one who came up and took a flower from the girl's hands, and was destined to be her betrothed.
Another way of love divination was as follows. Red rose placed in a vase of water and said, “Rose-beauty, you queen of all colors, endearing, and people and animals. Say you love me, my dear? „
After that, leave a flower at a time, until it is completely dissolved, and then looked — how much is left at the base of the petals rose.
Further interpreted as follows: If the rose petals fallen — Make you a man does not love you, but if left on the rose two or three petals — the one who you think is not indifferent to you.
Spree lover could return with a ritual associated with collecting three roses in St. John's Night, one of them at dawn Midsummer should dig under the birch, the other in a freshly dug grave, and the third to put himself under the pillow.
After three days, the third rose to be burned, after which the girl appeared deserted gift visit his lover in a dream to constantly haunted him, until he returns to her.
In Germany, to bewitch the favorite, she took three roses — dark red, pink and white — and wore their buds for three days, three nights and three hours on the heart, so that no one saw.
She then read three times over the flowers of the prayer “Our Father» and «Mother of God» and also put them in three days, three nights and three hours a bottle of wine. Once the beverage Help yourself beloved, she could count on his loyal and true love throughout the year.
Rose is a symbol of purity, and because white roses had often planted on the graves of virgins, and red — the graves lovers. Wreaths of roses, intertwined with myrtle, the Greeks decorated bride. Roses was removed and the door leading to her house, and rose petals strewn with marriage bed.
Rose petals, arranged in a bag and worn around the neck, help to get pregnant, and syrup of roses facilitates conception, provided the use of a red color.
If a pregnant woman put a rose in water and flowers shoot out there, the delivery will be successful.
And at the same time rose — a symbol of death, it blooms in the spring, not only for the joy of living, but also to comfort the dead. In the spring, when the Romans committed wake, a major role to play them roses: they divided among those present, the tombs were decorated with garlands, in the belief that the flower protects the living from the otherworldly spirits.
The Greeks were the roses on the head and chest as a sign of mourning, as a symbol of the short duration of our lives, which is just as quickly fade, as it is fragrant rose.
If a rose bloom in autumn, so that next year we should expect trouble. And if some of rose petals suddenly appears a piece, it foretells death in the family who owns the bush.
If the roses, which a man holds in his hands, the petals fall off and only the stem, it also mean a quick death.
According to an old legend, all roses were originally white, but then some stained with blood. Whose — depended on the country where this tradition was common. In ancient Greece, it was the blood of Adonis, a wounded wild boar, or Aphrodite, whose legs were scratched pink spikes, as she ran after him. For Muslims, Muhammad is the blood. Ancient Christian legend says that the crown of thorns was made from the stems of roses, and when the blood from his forehead Savior fell on the ground, at the foot of the crucifix rose red roses.
Knowledgeable people are strongly advised to have around in the country a few rose bushes in order to guard the house and garden from the encroachments of evil forces. Small wonder that in the Middle Ages, the Inquisition Fathers believed that with roses could expose witches and werewolves. Thus, the werewolf from touching the flower immediately turned back into a human, and the witch grows a tail!
How to remove damage and the evil eye
Rose is known to be an excellent way to recognize the evil intent. Suffice it inadvertently touch a man suspected of evil intent, and if the fear would be groundless, he immediately feels a little unwell, and in the worst case — the nausea. Good same person, on the contrary, will feel energized.
To protect against the evil eye and spoilage psychics are encouraged to wear with a root or an odd number of petals. If the damage is imposed on you already, you need to take nine white roses and some branches horsetail. Bouquet wrap a thin cloth and put it under my pillow.
After nine nights of this treatment damage should go, and then a bouquet should be burned and the ashes scattered over the river.
If the damage «done» on the blood, we must take a large spike of white roses and once stab yourself in the place where supposedly was taken for blood damage, saying: «Your blood — my blood, as I feel bad — the worse you how you will die — you will save my life. „
Then stick a thorn in the bottom of a chair, a chair or other place in which the offender was sitting. For several days after the patient recovers.
Healers believe rose excellent means to cure many diseases, including those associated with stress. It's enough for the night to put a pillow under nine petals of roses — three red, three pink and three white.
Then for nine days, in the morning, you need to dig in one lobe: first red, then pink and then white. On the tenth day, claim the healers, the disease will necessarily happen or certainly dramatic improvements.
And here is what is written in one of the arcane herbalists of treatment with roses eye: “If anyone proteins to make the red eyes and the fire in the evening when you can not see, then take half a cup of water in which boiled rose petals, lit a candle, stick a match Rosny piece of incense, incense pozhgi little one in a candle and put it out in rose water, and repeat it again to thirty, from which rose water becomes white.
After this water Dampen cloth and put on the night to the eyes, but a little ahead of the water let me go in the eye in the morning same common will.
If the eye is scrap, then mayest add half a cup of rose water breast milk and do, and treatment, as mentioned above. When the eyes of the drug will not be easier, no doctors, no potions and drugs can not cure… „

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