Rules of making and casting spells

1. The desire to use the spell you have a very strong, you're going to cast for the cause, and not just for the sake of curiosity.
2. Do you have enough energy for a spell. You slept and fed.
3. First, you define the purpose for which you are going to cast a spell. Figure out how it differs from similar people and objects. Think through how to call it a spell.
Clarifies: — A single target or group — Where it is — Does changing its location — Whether the purpose of protection from magic — The possible consequences of your actions for the purpose of spells, you and others
4. decides that in order to actually happen. Think through words that can describe it. Bear in mind that words can have several meanings. And if you wish to have a mountain of «green», do not be surprised if you get no dollars, and a haystack or a bunch of twigs with leaves J
5. If the spell must act for a long time, it provides an opportunity to cancel. Or, create a counterspell in advance. Did you take into account that it is not and you may need to urgently cancel it.
6. Usually spells utter words. But it is not necessarily. You can talk to them in prose, poetry, singing, whistling, dancing, making passes hands, just mentally pronounce them and so on. The main thing to get it right.
7. You have made a spell and thought of everything. Now you insist on objective and pronounce it. Can be configured either visually or by an object or body part, or simply introducing it. You invest the initial energy in the spell and it frees up a lot more energy to carry out the action. Did you raise your left arm to strengthen and directions spells, and possibly energy you fly without it.
8. If everything happened as you want, write down your magic spell book. Useful for the future, and you and your descendants.
9. The protective spell better to do universal and as short as possible. You may not have time to identify the body of the enemy. First, attack protection, and then to understand who or what you are attacked.
10. The offensive spells should be as accurate as possible is aimed at the target. It is advisable not just throw it in the direction of the target, and specify the name or the name of the destination, its difference from others similar to it.
11. If you need to work on the public, consider how to make the spell looks very beautiful and disguise really necessary action. It should be safe for the public, not to provide odors, fumes not get carried away — it should be clearly seen, should not be too bright flashes and loud noises too. All should be well seen and heard. This show — here and use the rules of the show.
12. If you have any results that chance, you will have to repeat all the steps exactly. It turns out the ritual. Write down all the steps. And then analyze it. And start element-wise to change it, to identify the necessary elements.
13. Among the items and substances used in the ritual, there are those without which the ritual is not feasible, and there are those that are not necessary. Identify which of them may be replaced by a more readily available or are not necessary. This will save your money and time.
14. Often only one ingredient is any property, and therefore it is easy to replace. But note that when using a substitute (for example instead of gold bronze) spells result might not be the way you planned.
15. The weight and volume of the ingredients used are not usually play a big role. It is only important properties. Therefore, their use to a minimum. Do not forget about the proportions.
16. When using magic similarity during the communication between the Offer and the like, be careful. If you accidentally fall into the likeness of the object part of your body, then you too will be connected. Therefore, use gloves, but rather in a special protective suit (usually gets the sweat and saliva)
17. Words can be used as an energy source. Then it is important to pronunciation and intonatstya rather than meaning.
18. Average response time spells from 3 days to 3 months. Only combat spells are activated instantly.
19. Even properly recorded, and many times the triggered spell may not work if you are in a state different from the condition for which the spell is written.
First tune in this state.

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