Safe love spells easy and powerful

When a person covered unanswered sense, it is completely honest, is not selfish, it is, quite naturally, I want a positive response. How can so happen that the favorite does not see how he loses, not responding to the impulses of my soul, thinks this unfortunate (unfortunate). Then come the thought of love magic. It's so easy! He said a couple of plots and desirable in your hands!
However, many stops the danger that may lurk behind the simple steps. Someone does not want to suffer himself, the other afraid of the terrible consequences that may fall on the head of a loved one, or common descendants. The question arises whether there is a safe love spell. That is, one that will love and sacrifice in call and answer for what he did not keep. Let's face it.

Is there a safe love spells

It should be noted that information about love spells  and their consequences are so many that to understand yourself is very difficult. Each specialist has his point of view, their own «monsters», which met in practice. All of this is real. Just to see if there is a safe spell does not help. And that's why. The fact is that magic — it's not a computer program and not to the assembly line.
Love magic is based on human engineering. Anyone who resorted to it, puts in a ceremony that is hidden in the depths of his own soul. It turns out that the love spell danger lies precisely in the fact that the program has imposed attachment and other, sometimes completely incomprehensible to the person, the deeper intentions. And if the black love spell simple: I want to subdue the victim, and that it will continue, it does not matter. That white, safe love spells harder. After all, the customer wants the feeling was sincere, led fortunately no «surprises» that ruin lives.
Such safe love spells can be done. Only it does not need to look for the magician (he is also a mark on the program will impose), and soul work. It is difficult, but not impossible. On the Everest climb is not necessary. You will need to sort out their feelings and intentions. Unfortunately, a lot like the Everest seems simpler mission
Those who wish recommended not to insist on the result achieved cloudless happiness through love magic. You know, like buying a lottery ticket. Win — excellent. It turns a pacifier, do not worry! That is, first of all, you need to exclude «hook» for the result! That it gives then the negative impact of the program. You want to win at any cost, so it turns out!
The second recommendation is to wish good luck to all participants in the process. Around sacrifice a lot of people. Many of them in his own wish him (her) luck and good. Sign in with them in response. In no case do not take someone from their enemies or rivals. Anyone with negative nuance in love magic invalid. It will be the basis for the emergence of the negative consequences of a love spell.
The third piece of advice: stop «suffering» and «self-pity». It's just a trick of the subconscious. Such feelings — a way to disguise inferiority complex. And it is dangerous when the love spell. He — an indicator of latent aggression in the depths of the soul. Like, you did not appreciate this, so I'll take revenge! No sense in such a position. Everyone is perfect only because they came into this world! No other way. Only a «superstructure» of the fact that we have absorbed from childhood in the company (that is, just far from perfect).

How to make a safe love spells


Those who are convinced that he is able to perform the above conditions, we give a few rituals that can be practically safe when done correctly. Outset that this is not the «magic» tanks. Love spell  its light, not enslaving. Fill the ritual purity of the soul and get over the result. Can not, so at least avoid the problem 
 In this video, I'll show you a simple safe  love spell.

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