Scheffler in the house: the signs and magical properties

Scheffler — a beautiful house plant. But what lies behind its attractive appearance? Many believe this flower energy vampire and fear to keep her in the house. Is it really exist and what are the signs of this plant?
Can I keep the house Scheffler
Scheffler is not so dangerous for the power house. Yes, it is an energy vampire, but it takes very little energy, and preferably more negative. This plant is able to reassure and stabilize the emotional atmosphere in the home. It is good to keep in the bedroom — where she will take all the negative and contribute to sound sleep and good rest. In addition, next to the flowers better acquired knowledge and new information, so that Scheffler can be a great help for those who gnaws granite science.
Scheffler as your home soothsayer
It is believed that Scheffler can predict future events.
If the leaves are dark, then in the space of a lot of negative energy.
If the plant drops leaves — it is a bad sign, indicating the occurrence of diseases or financial loss.
If Scheffler leaves began to curl, then wait for conflicts and quarrels.
If the flower has ceased to grow, then the probability of failure in business.
If Scheffler is growing very rapidly — wait addition to the family.
Scheffler — money plant
Scheffler considered one of the plants that attract money into the house. For these purposes it good to keep both at home and in the office. In the house it attracts well-being, and in attracting customers, partners and profit.
This will bring a lot of luck Scheffler
Scheffler is considered an excellent tool and a talisman for people born under the Fire Attack Signs — Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. Together with representatives of the energy of these constellations plant interacts most actively.

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