Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the ancient doctrine of "fire Yogi"

 Frost we are happy only when it comes in the form of a good old man with a beard, wearing a fur coat and a bag full of gifts. In all other cases, the cold — the eternal enemy of mankind. To escape from it, people wrapped in coats, jackets, wear underwear. But even this does not help, freezing during the winter holidays noses and cheeks account no!However, it turns out, we carry the fire, which protects from the cold within. Yes, yes, it is in your body! Why our early ancestors were not killed during the Ice Age? It is not always they sat by the fire, wrapped in skins — needed to produce food and firewood. Why Tibetan lamas do not freeze while sitting on a glacier in the mountains in the old cotton rags and still managing to dry wet towels on the body?   If they can, then the human body by nature resistant to cold. But how do you find a way to turn our inner stove? Biologist and mathematician Rinad Minvaleev Anatoly Ivanov not only find it, but found the theoretical justification to this mystical wonder. Secret The secret of the self-regulating body was hidden in Tibet. Buddhist monks thousands of years of practice, there is one of the areas of yoga, which is called the Thummim. This method of self-regulation of the body, which makes it resistant to cold. The most famous disciple of this trend of secret knowledge — a Buddhist monk Milarepa, who lived in Tibet in the eleventh century, once spent six months strewn avalanche ice cave. He was so praised in poetry saved his method: «Why should I noble silk and fine soft hair? Best Clothing — warming fire tummo bliss… „ — The word “Tummo» is not used in everyday speech to refer to the concept of an ordinary heat — said Minvaleev. — This is a technical term mystical terminology. The word «Tummo» in the secret doctrine means «light the flame.» Develop methods… Minvaleev tummo in the Himalayas, already knowing why they work. After all, the secret of conquering the cold, he found still in Russia, in the studies of a former prisoner of the Gulag Professor Karl Trincher. — It was a great Soviet scientist, Austrian by birth, his discovery of a forgotten worthy of the Nobel Prize — says Rinad Sultanovich. — He said that in laboratory animals with a deficiency of oxygen increases the temperature in the lungs. And he made a brilliant conclusion: «Light — the only body where fat, reacting with oxygen, burn directly. Without enzymes. „ Tibetan monks and yogis knew the secret for thousands of years. By controlling the breath, they learned how to run “stove» in the lungs. At high altitudes, where there is little oxygen in the air, it's easier to do, but Russian scientists have learned to control the temperature of the body and on the plains. Back in St. Petersburg, and Ivanov Minvaleev demonstrated their ability in public: at twenty below for a half hour, they were dried on their naked bodies wet towels!   Tibetan monks did not expect Rinad and Anatoly grasped the mystery tummo first in theory, and this has helped a mathematician. Practice Candidate of Sciences Anatoly Ivanov calculated that the oxidation processes in the lungs, on which the heat production of the body, can go harder. Using the laws of thermodynamics, proved that the basic «oven» of the body must be in the center of the body, not on the periphery, our reflexes to cold — muscle tremors and «goose bumps» do not give the right amount of heat. And with the help of equations calculated that it should be possible to increase the efficiency of our natural «stove», to force it to use oxygen more efficiently. That is a mathematical model, which confirmed the discovery of Professor Trincher reality. Associate Professor of the St. Petersburg State University, Ph.D. Rinad Minvaleev found practical advice in Tibetan manuscripts devoted tummo, and upgraded this method. Monks learn it for decades, and the students of St. Petersburg scientist — just twenty minutes! Minvaleev and Ivanov has repeatedly experienced tummo on themselves and on volunteers in expeditions to the Caucasus and the Himalayas. — We helped the director of the film studio «Pharaoh» Irina Arkhipova, studies included in its original project «In search of lost knowledge,» — said Rinad Sultanovich. — Of the last expedition to Tibet we returned in November, so that all the achievements to conquer the cold filmed for a documentary ... It is noteworthy that an important condition for the success of the experiment are high-altitude hypoxia — lack of oxygen — and low temperatures. Interestingly, in this method, the subjects as it rises to the top of a decrease in atherogenic fat and cholesterol — the vessel is cleaned! It turns out that using it can not only warm, but also to cure atherosclerosis. And the stress hormone — cortisol — in the blood also becomes smaller. — So, our method does not involve increasing cold resistance mechanisms of stress adaptation, — concludes Minvaleev. — That is, does not wear his life, because under stress our bodies work the way the engine afterburner. And then on the contrary, even rejuvenates the body. Minvaleev RF patent for the invention process of normalization of adaptive functional systems of humans, which is based on elements of the Tibetan 'Tummo inner heat yoga. " The new method has a great future in cold Russia, it is necessary for all who have to work in the cold. After all, experienced craftsmen tummo heat generation is a natural function, it will automatically turn on when the temperature of the environment, the climate control in the car. Perhaps the method of dealing with the cold by tummo useful not only law enforcement officers and emergency workers. Who knows, maybe in the future he will go down in fashion and girls will walk in the snow-covered streets in mini-skirts and blouses hardly cover up the stomach? 

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