Scientists: people see the mystical phenomena, whose brain is not blocked INFORMATION

Neuroscientists another step closer to unlocking the secret of the so-called «mystical experience.» New research conducted Dr. Jordan Grafman with his colleagues. According to him, people explore the weathered «mystical experience» is extremely difficult, because of the spontaneity and randomness of this phenomenon, however, the research team was able to learn something.
The scientist explained that «meeting with ultimate reality» vision of God, the dead and the like, a person's ability, in fact, nothing more than a «leprosy» of our nervous system. A possible manifestation of the «mystical experience» becomes subject to the availability of various kinds of perception locks.
This is particularly occurs when a person introducing into a trance. However, as easy to guess, the study of such phenomena is extremely difficult because of the virtually complete inability to create the necessary conditions in the laboratory.
Until recently, scientists have appealed two theories on the «mystical experience.» The first theory was to ensure that the human brain has a specific area, the activation of which people are beginning to see «more.» The second theory says that no particular zone is not present, and vision opens at blocking the known parts of the brain. With the help of imaging studies and 150 volunteers from the Vietnam War veterans, scientists have come to authenticate the second theory. The fact that the manifestation of the «mystical experience» of the soldiers, was inextricably linked with access to concussions or head injuries.
Further investigation revealed that a key role in all of this plays a part of the brain responsible for inhibition and blocking sensations.
In other words, «mystical experience», according to scientists, — a special state of the brain, when he absolutely does not hold back the processed information. At all other times of the data received by the nervous system is completely blocked for processing.

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