Sensation! Atlantis off the coast of Africa

&Scuba rectangular formation size, approximately, of Wales was seen on Google Earth near the Canary Islands, about 997 kilometers off the northwest coast of Africa.&It was found rather strange formation of intersecting lines. Coordinates findings — 15'15 .53 north latitude, 24 15'30 .53 W longitude. Formation was noted aeronautical engineer, who said that it was like «air card» of the city.&Recently, it was suggested that the unusual length of the seabed can conceal the location of the legendary Atlantis, described the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. According to his testimony, the island sank after its inhabitants tried to conquer Athens around 9000 BC.&Dr. Charles Orser (Charles Orser), curator of historical archeology at New York University told the publication «The Sun» that, in his opinion, «this place is one of the most prominent alleged locations of Atlantis as described by Plato.» He also noted that «even if the place would be the geographical formation, it still deserves more careful consideration.»&Bernie Bamford (Bernie Bamford), 38-year-old resident of Chester (Chester), remarking «city», compare the above with the plan of the administrative center of Milton Keynes (Milton Keynes), located in the UK and has a «trellis» layout of the streets. As a result, Bamford concluded that the formation of largely resembles the plan.&The find can be viewed using the service Google Ocean, expanding Google Earth, which allows Internet users to independently study the ocean — it is in their possession are thousands of underwater landscapes.

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