Sex and the chakras

Modern people are very uninhibited about sex. Carrying it on mood change for the life of several partners.
But is it all for us harmless?
After all, sex — is not just a physiological act, and the energy exchange between a man and a woman. Energy — that is, information that has accumulated in our personal information field at the moment. And it is not always good quality.
Making love to the unfamiliar person, you can not just pick up a disease of the body, but the soul, because we do not know what quality of energy is predominant in our partner.

In the ancient Indian treatise written that when man and woman come into contact, even if it only happened once, karma they mixed and divided in half. Karma — it is nothing like our information field, all the good and bad that we have accumulated over this life (and even earlier — this is for those who believe that we live more than once.)
Is it too great a price is obtained momentary pleasure: get the karma of a man who knows what commit. Karma — it's not just past actions, but also the consequences that we have to get back to this in the future (and we get to this point.) Who will pay for hunting other people's sins.
Therefore, before trying to get married once and for life, not to aggravate their situation. Also during the Hindu wedding ceremony is still one of the hymns in Sanskrit sounds that spouses are held together by seven lives forward. That is, in the coming seven lives they live as husband and wife, practicing with his karma.
I remember once reading a book one Christian who survived clinical death and was in a coma for a long time. While her body was lying in a hospital unconscious, her soul has traveled the world beyond the grave. She visited in heaven and in hell. But first she had to go through the «choke points» from which the demons did not let the people involved it is sin, which was responsible for this «department», innocent as they passed through safely.
To her surprise, she was detained for adultery. And she had only once been married and faithful to her husband. But there she found everything very clearly: it created the figure, and then there was a figure of her first lover, his student years, they joined. Then came her next love, and also stuck to it — it has a trio. And these figures are, stuck together, eventually got about ten, they were all with whom she once had a relationship. According to the laws of heaven with all of them it was all connected.
Energy laws are very thin and sharp.
Plucking a foreign power, we might worsen their own.
Although, of course, you can also improve his and others worse, but is it worth the risk.
Many people today do not know the laws of the universe and they walk through the world as a minefield. You can look at the life of the ancestors — although many of their knowledge to us now have been lost, but the example of their lives, based on this knowledge, remained in front of our eyes.

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