Simple love spells to guy yourself

simple love spells to guy How to make a love spells on your favorite guy. Your pair can form a not so long ago, or whether you have been married for many years. It was and still is the love between you, but over the years, or under the influence of circumstances, forget about it. Then it is necessary to protect your relationship — to make a love spell. When it is no longer a man will stare at others, he finds himself a mistress. This is the most terrible thing in a marriage where only its visibility is maintained. But if it is your lawful husband, if a high probability — he will not abandon you. If you are dating, a guy can take. Love spell on Man or  husband any woman, even if she does not practice magic, or only in the beginning of his career.
It's very simple, no need to even leave the house — do yourself a ritual without problems. The main thing — to follow the advice of practitioners, just perform the ritual requirements.

How to make a simple love spell to guy?

Relationships go bad, there are other women. Very often a man's behavior means the end of your relationship. Pain, tearing, leaving the favorite of the family. Why suffer so much if you can protect yourself? Make love spell on a boyfriend or husband, you can easily. There are two types of exposure:
advance: make a love spell in advance, secure yourself from hazards;
on the fact of treason: if you act quickly, you can all return to normal.
If cheating has occurred, you should not give up. Now we need to get rid of the opponent, as well as — on all possible. If you do the ritual correctly, your man will forget about the others, because he will be in front of you eyes only. This dream of every woman to be the only m loved and cherished. Everything is done on their own, at home. It is even better, because this energy settle in the house where you live. Rituals is diverse, you need to choose a more suitable option.

Simple Love spell on a  guys photo, blood, a personal thing

In the photo, blood or personal item, you can make a strong love spell on a guy. The most powerful — in the menstrual blood, but it's extreme measures. After such exposure you'll be able to leave this man, it will be connected with you. Your menstrual blood — the strongest biological material for witchcraft. This blood carries tremendous power that you just connect together. You can not leave him, as a man without you life itself is not. It is responsible for the magical intervention in his fate. Perhaps his karma was written to be the other, to have children. You changed the destiny, his other women and their children. You are always ready to be with him? Then do the ritual calmly. If you hesitate — it is better to step back and try their luck with another. You own remake the fate of many people in this world, living and yet unborn. What will it be?
Spells in the photo, too strong, because it is a phantom person. No wonder people are afraid to be photographed before, considering that the machine takes a part of their souls, and contains photos. Sounds may be absurd, but it is. Photos bears a lot of information about the man, imprinted on it. Choose photos with your favorite one, there are no other people or animals
Personal item retains a touch of the owner. If you do shawl, favorite pen, a notebook with records, they can be safely used — they will be an excellent replacement photo. Make a ritual, but to live with this person all my life. If you are really ready and 100% sure — do it!

The best time for a simple guy love spells

If you are doing a spell on the blood, it is 3-4 days monthly. If it coincides with the growth of the moon — the perfect time. The strength of the plot will grow with each passing day. This comfortable rituals, they can spend at home, using only candles and your blood.
When working with photos — days: Monday, Friday. This «women's day» for the magic. Well suited to work with love and natural energy.
Good time for the ritual — for Christmas. In this holiday, you can make white magic love spell. She very gently working with the man showing him your best. Yes, and it will show you one more time, just in case.
Simple spells and love spell
Choose one that is like. If you feel a craving to make impact, then this is it, your ritual. It is not necessary to do at once 2-3. This will only exacerbate the situation. Focus on one method, learn conspiracy, all prepare. You can hold a «dress rehearsal.» While it is not lit candles, spell pronounce himself. This is done in the middle so that when the real impact you are not lost, and were totally focused. The easiest way to work, when you know what to do.
Binding  guy spell on rope
For this spell you will need a new white rope. Take it from a natural material, rather than synthetics. Rope will have one end in a knot to tie the knot and wet with water that is not exactly isolated. Take it for a free end cupped. Keep a hand on the free edge to the site and say:
«How to rope, final assembly will be. How would you, (name of man), ran from me, my spell will find you. Falling in love, the soul (the full name of a man), my soul (your first name). „
When you come to the site, you cross three times. This rope should be at home to hide all, no one to show. Check the unit every month if began to weaken, then a spell in the sun and soak tighten tighter. It should not come loose, otherwise all your efforts turn to ashes. Thus, your man will always be with you, do not look at others. It has done easily at home. Day of the week — any, except Sundays.
Love spell in the morning sun
A very strong spell, which will require you to your favorite photo. Need to get up early, at dawn. Done on an empty stomach. Get up at the open window, put a photo in front of him. You need to look as the sun rises, say 3 times:
“Get up in the morning, and blessed it, go out into the yard, crossing out the door to the window, from the gate to the blue sea. There are twelve brothers, look at me. I go closer to him, worshiping them below. Twelve brothers, go to the blue sea in the blue sea — the island, it is oak Under the oak — a plate tyazhelyuschaya longing metuschaya. Lift up the plate, take the anguish, brought it to the sea, put on a zealous heart (the name of a man). Unleash anguish, sorrow, that he missed, to me, (name) night and day. To could not without me, every day to spend the day, or while away the minute. When you, the dawn of the morning, evening, midnight dawn. Let him any girl seem scary, bat as a mouse, a snake angry as hell striped, shaggy as a sorcerer. And I for him (his name), the best and most beautiful. Amen»
After that, the photo and kiss the cross hairs. It needs to be hidden in a wooden box and more not to open it. Your magic will be securely sealed. My favorite would return if left, and if you got a mistress, then very soon leave her.
Love spell on her husband's apple
Make love spell on her husband can be an apple. It must be carefully chosen:
Only the most beautiful, ripe;
without wormholes, cuts, bruises;
bought in the market for iron coins without bargaining.
If this apple for the ritual to be some bruising, cuts, your prisushka turn into a terrible damage.
Very good effect, if you do the spell with your blood. Where the stalk, make a small hole in an apple. It is necessary to pour three drops of blood a month, but the very hole pour candle wax. Say at the apple:
«As the apple will be dry, and my love (name) will dry on me (your name).»
Now hide it in a secret place. Apple should start to dry, so it's best — for the battery. Do not hide in the bathroom, there is always damp and apple simply rot. As it dries, and a man to cleave to you. Will you just want to love you and adore. Apple did not throw away the dry and wrap in a thick cloth red and always store where no one touches him not. This is a proven option. Even if your husband has got a mistress, his spell with it planted in a jiffy.
Christmas love spells
It is done only at Christmas. On other days, the spell does not work.
You will need:
two eggs;
Natural candle;
your photo and men, if you sit down joint, then use it.
Put your photos, and on them — two eggs. Now you need to husband them to light a candle. Light tell her 12 times:
«These two eggs two halves, as heaven and earth,
both day and night, like a river and the beach.
They are inextricably inseparable.
Bless the, holy Christmas, with our love,
and so we had been inseparable for ever.
Now one egg you need to eat, and the second to the man. You do not have to give it to him in the usual form, can be put in a salad or other dish. It is important that all the egg man he ate.
This spell will help you to return your favorite, or to protect your family from harm. Try it, you will not hurt yourself, or her husband to another woman. This natural pure magic.
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