Spells at strengthening and the return of love

There are many methods and psychological techniques in order to return the love or strengthen existing relationships. However, the relevant spells to help speed up the process and resolve all issues on the energy level. Everyone knows that magic can be divided into black and white. Its main difference is that in the first case, resort to the dark forces, or cause another person to commit any act against his will. And the principle of white magic spell is the ability to help a person, ie to enhance his original desire.
Using the second method, we not only help others get what they want, but also strengthening our biofield and psychic abilities. However, in this case, it should be remembered that the rituals lose their power, if you go against someone's will. It affects the fate can only be with the consent of the individual, which is directed your impact.
Strengthening existing relationships spell
We encountered a long time a pair is that the feelings subside over time, but the home routine can completely deprive the strength and desire to change something. In this case will help the appropriate ritual.
You will need a red thread, a small piece of birch bark, which stands for feminine, and burdock root, symbolizing virility. The ritual should be performed on the growing moon. At midnight, light a candle and three read «Our Father».
Next, grab the items in hand, wrap the root in bark and tie with string. During tying knots let slip the following phrase:
«I connect together the male and female forces. Our feelings strengthen, revive the love and passion. Amen».
All of this can be put into the bag or wrapped in normal tissue and to put under the mattress. If this is not possible, a fix in any way the bundle under the bed. This ritual can be repeated as needed.
Spell to return the love
After several unsuccessful attempts of rapprochement, many couples decide to separate, or to take a break in a relationship that is essentially the same. Typically, in such cases, both partners suffer from this decision and return the dream soul mate. But it happens that the circumstances are different and expensive people disagree with each other forever. To fix this, proceed as follows.
Take the red apple and cut it exactly in half. On each half, cut the first letter of the name of the beloved and say the phrase:
«How are these halves of dry and wither individually, and (male name) can not live without… (girl's name). Apple connect, tighten the halves. Amen».
After that, symbolically connect an apple and secure in any way. Once it is completely dry up, beloved reunited again. But this will happen only if the desire will come together both.
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