Step by step guide: how to make a powerful love spell on photos?

Each of us wants to be happy. And in order to feel happy, you must have a loved one. And this man should not only be close and loving and eternal and intense love.
Unfortunately, this rarely occurs. And if it is found, the feelings have the ability to fade. Condition is very painful, and the loss of a loved one can be a great tragedy. And in this case, quite often the girl alone resort to magic.
Love spells can help bring back a man, and above all the magic of a chance to be together again. Love spell on a photo is considered a very popular and effective method that can be implemented at home.
Love spells without a photo is not inferior in scoring, but still spell on photos are considered more common. Selecting the picture to ritual love spell on photos alone can be done at home. However, to increase the efficiency is very important to choose the appropriate image that will make love spell on the photo and more rapid.
The ideal would be shot where men except one else and there's nothing. Magic will not work if you use scissors to cut off the unwanted parts of the picture. The card must be an integer.
Just so magical rites will be productive. Sharpness of the image also plays an important role in the conspiracy. You can only use the picture is not blurred.
Powerful love spell on a photo will turn out, only if your eyes are clearly visible. Furthermore, the picture must be relatively fresh. To love spell on the photo you want to use the picture turned out a maximum of a year ago.

Preparation for the ritual

Magic and witchcraft rites any do not like and do not tolerate haste. Therefore, to love spell on the photo and brought the result, it is necessary to choose the time and place of the meeting. Make a spell would be best at night or in the evening.
Love spell on photos made in silence, and the presence of extraneous sounds or music can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the conspiracy. Any potential sources of sound and noise (telephone, radio) must be turned off.
Love spell on the photo suggests full concentration on the subject of magic influence. Good mood and positive atmosphere will help the effectiveness of the rite. It is recommended to first fix in mind the image from a picture, and then visualize a positive outcome. Such visualization helps to make love spell on the photo effective.

1 option is a magical ritual

Love spell on the photo is pretty simple, and it can be run independently. Process begins with writing a small piece of paper their wishes. For example, fall in love, get homesick, attract attention, etc. It is not necessary to save time on writing these wishes. Write everything as you want to specify what you would expect from a conspiracy. Sheet with the text we turn into a tube and lights from red candles. Burning sheet with a list of the image to keep up her lover until the entire list does not burn out. At this time we read a conspiracy to love spell on the photo earned:
«Above his head that passes, and the head is required to enter. As for the back lights — heart (name ...) will light »
At home, you can make this a fairly simple ritual and get results within a few days.

2 option magic ritual

This love spell on the photo is also very simple. For its implementation does not need any specific devices. If you carefully follow all recommendations, the strongest spell will actually effective. This spell will require two components: a common church candle and photo men. Take in hand a lighted candle and a picture. Concentrate on their desire to fall in love with the guy.
Love spell on a photo of you together suggest an idea. Now start ceremony itself — the picture face down on the usual candles. Thus it is necessary to represent you together, then love spell will affect the image.
After that burn the card into the candle flame, and add up the ashes into a clean envelope and put them in a secret place, where no one will see the effects of this rite.
3 variant magic spell
At home, you can do this and ritual. Magic is most effective for rituals in the evening. To make a strong spell on the photo Lubon require 2 shots — and your lover and a needle with red thread. In front of him on the table and start to put pictures to represent the happy couple, you and him. Love spell on the photo only work in silence. On the front side of your card, write the name and date of birth of the beloved, and his picture — your data. Spell pictured involves writing full name. Next we add the pictures right side facing and sew the red thread area. In no case can not touch the image. Knot and hang up the thread with the words:
«Tethering (the name of your loved one) to me (your name ...) unbreakable bonds. Amen „
With these same words tie knots on the remaining three corners of images. After we put pictures in a clean white envelope and sealed.
Love spell on photos take effect after seven days. And since this ritual is very convenient to do at home, its popularity is growing.
Love spell without a photo are also considered high quality, but not always performed in the home.
4 variant love spell
This magical ritual can also be done at home. Love spell on the photo and do best in a full moon. At this time, the magic works much as possible. For this ritual need two photos — and your man — a bowl of water and one of your jewelry. Powerful love spell on the photo will turn out if the pictures are the same size. But remember that magic does not tolerate scissors. Therefore, the image can not be cut. Take a bowl of water and bring it down there two pictures, the pictures are located to each other. Needs to be done carefully and all cards must get wet slightly to spell in the photo worked. Lies on top decoration, and for vessels are located a lighted candle.
Love spell on the photo are made in complete silence and at home to achieve this state is quite simple. It is enough to turn off the phone and TV. While the pictures are in the water, imagine you together. After 15 minutes, remove and place the pictures in a book, on top of crushing something heavy. Thus, the pictures will stick together during drying.
Love spell on a photo with bonding different picture lasting. Magic is valid for a period until the cards are glued. After seven days on the white sides of the pictures will need to draw a six-pointed star. This sign is very strong, and the application of its own will symbolize the joining of two people, their date.
Love spell without a photo is not inferior in its characteristics. But women often prefer make lovespell the picture. As can be seen, the house can be implemented strong plot in life. In this case, its efficiency will be no lower than after treatment to the sorcerer. Love spell without photo also really do yourself. Generally, however, other types of magical rites are done in another, not home. And this ritual is simple in execution. Possible consequences of deciding to make a love spell and you need to know about possible side effects. Negative consequences include the changing nature of the worse, because love spell on the photo and is considered as a powerful spell. Complete lack of will can be replaced by an uncontrollable bouts of aggression and anger. Make yourself love spell on the pictures can be without consequences. But, unfortunately, sometimes side effects do not depend on our desires.
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