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Sudden death syndrome

 People, as we know, does not always die in old age and in his bed. However, the trend towards an increase in sudden deaths among working young and by all accounts a healthy male population of the developed world has forced doctors to seek an answer to the question why this is happening. Meanwhile, statistics sudden death is growing rapidly around the world, including in our country.

Men of working age (mostly in Europe from 30 to 60 years old) die for no apparent reason — at bus stops, in the office, at home watching TV. But for the most part in his sleep — note the characteristic feature. However, most of them complain about the discomfort and do not ask for help from others.
Sudden loss of a loved one causes fallen into despair relatives get to the cause. How so? Lived, lived — and suddenly died. Someone must be to blame! Not long ago, parents in the UK 24-year obstetrician after the sudden death lawsuit presented the hospital management: starved son at work. "The day he came off duty, feeling very tired." The suit did not satisfy: childbirth in those days there was no more than usual, and the "Universal" Fatigue — a sign of impending cardiovascular events. Every World Cup brings to the grave for hundreds of fans in his prime, and thus impairs the statistics 'young' deaths. But here at least is clear — the adrenaline triggers spasm of the coronary vessels, and the dead man in your card you can safely make the corresponding entry. What doctors have to write to Israeli hospitals and their many colleagues around the world, which, even after the autopsy could not understand what made disconnected young and healthy body.
Exhaustive answer. Sudden death — one of the greatest medical mysteries of our time. Epidemiologists recall in this connection that nearly 50 years ago faced a similar mystery. Sudden death syndrome daily entombed hundreds of young (30-45 years) men in Japan, Laos, the Philippines and Thailand. Experts shrug: this in the history of medicine has not been — men died in his sleep of heart failure. No blood, no thorough autopsy was not given even a hint of a possible clue. All you could say about doctors (and had to attract the best professionals from around the world), it is to admit their helplessness: perhaps it is a mysterious disease, hitherto unknown to science. Disease is asymptomatic and off like clockwork heart, when it is at rest.
Then the news of the mysterious disease has led many men of the region examined from head to toe. With the diagnosis of "healthy", some of them died on the very next night after a medical examination.
Do not repeat this history and now? We know that from Southeast Asia come to us more and more terrible — a real, not imaginary pharmacologists — a form of influenza. Know because they were ill and sick with influenza, with all its symptoms. Well, if the world other than influenza affects the very long-standing illness, invisible, to which the body of Asian men have developed immunity, and, say, Europe — only gets used at a terrible price many deaths?
Perhaps cardiologists again mistaken belief that the immediate cause of sudden death in most cases is sudden cardiac arrest? Yes, the rhythm of a healthy heart may suddenly fail, and if you do not take decisive action, death can occur within minutes or even seconds. Sometimes, a person does not even understand what is happening with the rhythm of his heart, and instead of asking for help, wondering knows where the undertaken disruptions in its never failed "engine", anxiously listening to them, and when he realizes that it may be dangerous heart stops. But because something is pushing sverhvynoslivy body to this mindless behavior? What? Maybe the answer is to look for doctors of other specialties?
Statistics of the World Health Organization says it is the world for one million people a week died suddenly thirty people. If you move these indicators, for example, in Moscow, we get at least a half thousand "unexpected dead" per month. In the U.S. alone die from sudden death of the order of half a million people each year. And many of them are quite young and healthy people. Terrible figures.
Before doctors agreed in opinion that to blame pathological thickening of the heart muscle. Now they are pushing new versions — like blame heredity. That is, if someone from the family has died of a heart attack, it is necessary to pay more attention to the examination by a cardiologist. It increases the chances of preventing sudden death in the prime of life? Not much. That's the horror of sudden death, it comes as if out of a clear sky.
Blame alcohol? Yes, of course, long-term use of alcohol can lead to vascular events, but many of the dead little drinkers. Maybe a weak body can not cope with everyday stress? But then why do people die of sports under the watchful medical supervision? In the grim statistics, there are many. Take, for the case of the Latvian hockey player. 31-year-old Sergei Zholtok suddenly fell ill during the game. Podospevshie doctors could not help him, and only prolonged the agony quickly refuses heart. And this, alas, is not the only death among the young, healthy and always under the control of medical male athletes.
How many sudden deaths occurring in Russia is hard to say. Every sudden cardiac easily attributed to the "use", especially as it is not contrary to the medical laws. But if tricky to "clean" the sad statistics of alcohol plaque and also wonder what is really the root cause of the mysterious deaths of young, then, perhaps, a mysterious epidemic if it actually exists, can calculate and try to find an effective means of against her.
In Russia, the rate of sudden deaths in contrast to Europe starts from 22 years — not a cause for concern if it is? Or will all the usual blamed on vodka? More recently, demographers, taking into account the negative factors, claimed that in 2015 Russia will be at least 7 million more women than men. But here held a census and found that in the ten years prior to the date specified, the number of women in the whole country was almost 10 million more than the number of men! Russian man clearly dying, sometimes without even having to leave behind offspring. But from what?

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