Symbols used for protection.

It often happens that a person needs some special symbol that acts as a shield against any person or situation in life, the power of influence on him is so great that he is unable to resist them yourself as long as you can, working over a some other ways to restore a sense of confidence and an adequate supply of power to enable it to cope with these adverse effects. For this purpose, we have been given a lot of different characters, and in each case we ask or inside tips which one should be used, or offer a person to choose one of them — the one who, as he feels suits him the most.

Balloons or soap sphere for protection


Visualization of the symbol should be exactly the way we present in his mind a soap bubble, which reflects on the surface of its rainbow of colors, but that is not so short-lived onbyl and fragile — it should probably remind air rubber ball in dosttochnoy as spacious and large to a person who renders himself inside this sphere, there is no sensation of tightness and discomfort of restricted movement in this area. Symbol of the ball is particularly useful for sverhvospriimchevyh people who are very painfully react to the smallest criticism of his side, real and imaginary, even their arrows of criticism are repelled from the surface of the elastic protective ball and can not hit them. We noticed that most of the people with great enthusiasm see this symbol, instantly feeling more secure, once they submit that his elastic surface surrounds them at arm's length in all directions.
Mental image of a man to maintain and create at any time- or thought form a mental image, you can keep in your mind is absolutely wherever people may be, — in any of the people in the car behind the wheel, in the train and bus. I strongly advise you to do this exercise as often as possible. In this exercise, the efficiency plays a role, not the duration of its execution, and regularity, so I recommend it to perform as much as necessary, until the person feels himself and begins to feel strong enough to resolve those situations in life and relationships with people who usually violate his mental balance.

Protective barrier of thick glass


Sometimes the person who turns to us for help, it becomes apparent that some of his relationships with other people, and they occur most frequently in the process of working with negative parental figure, act on it so depressing that it is extremely difficult to force myself to do the exercise on Eight visualization, which is a necessary preparatory step before termination ritual bondage, hard to associate it with that person. Other examples of the difficulties of this kind may be a relationship with the parents of the husband or wife, other relatives, with the boss at work, colleagues, etc.
In the case of such an extreme manifestation of the reaction, we use the image of a very thick armored safety glass, which is necessary to create, visualize each other and that person, with whom he formed the problematic relationship. Thereafter exercises can begin imaging eight representing the connecting point of the two circles barrier of thick glass, whereby effective sense achieved complete isolation of one person from another.
This is, in fact, temporary protection with regular practice is an extremely powerful tool, because it allows a person to remove stress and remain calm as long as he will not be able to develop a sufficient
Fatigue, which will allow him to cope with the problem without this kind of mental aid, finding in the process of further internal search key to the final resolution of the conflict.

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