Talismans of herbs and plants for protection against evil!

herb talisman amuletOften ask me questions about how you can protect yourself and protect yourself by using simple rituals or talismans.
I will now talk about some simple ways to protect. These methods are effective in cases when you need to guard against the evil eye. Protect your home from intruders from the astral world (spirits).
These techniques will help you when you have not turned out of any magical effect! Where to defend sense anymore. Already there need to be cleaned and expert help, as a rule!
I'll tell you about the plants, has a protective, magical properties. Now I will list the herbs that can be used to make the simplest of amulets and talismans.
Pink geranium, fennel, juniper, rosemary, leaves or berries of elderberry, rowan, fennel, rue, fern, St. John's wort, flax, mullein, basil, periwinkle, wormwood, clover, cyclamen, mistletoe leaves and thin branches of ash, snapdragons, Verbena Pharmacy, bay laurel.
These plants should be used in protective and restorative purposes, when you are through the general cleansing ceremonies at the master, if you were exposed to magic damage.
To use herbs in dried form it is most convenient to put in special bags. This is one method of manufacturing a protective talisman with magical herbs. This method does not require any special knowledge, and therefore easily applicable to the home and private life.
Take a piece of white cotton cloth, size (approximately 18X18sm). The above list select a 3 or 7 or 9 grass (they must be dried). Peremeshayti these herbs in equal amounts hands in a clay bowl.
Spread a piece of cloth on the table. Place the herbs in the middle and wrap them in a cloth. Edge of the fabric tightly tie a red thread, rope or twine. Tightening the knot first, tell a firm voice: «to preserve and protect this house and everything in it, and those who are in it.» Tie another 7 knots, each time repeating the words.
This simple spell for magical herbs enhance their protective properties. And this made you a talisman can be used to protect your home or car.
In order to complete this simple rite, you need to stand facing east, the place where the sun rises and silently read the plot, but rather utter «I urge keepers of my family, my focus and my family, for the protection of the house (or car ), so that no evil spirits can not harm being in this place. „
Next, hang the mascot for the red thread in the pantry or on the front door. If the mascot for the car, put it under the driver's seat.
Do not forget after this ceremony to thank a higher power!

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