The magic of happiness. Minerals.

Everyone wants to enjoy life and bloom with happiness. Where to find the magic of happiness? How to be happy? Before answering these questions, you need to know and what is happiness for you? Each different understanding of happiness. Someone to be happy only need money, someone is looking for love, the other important world in marriage — all see their happiness in different ways. But how would a person does not perceive happiness, help in the solution of this exciting questions will help «stone of happiness» — turquoise.
Magic happiness, hidden within this stone, brings its owner good luck and good. All the nations of the world considered the most turquoise, which is not, lucky stone. Follow, and of their conviction. Magical properties of this stone are: he reconciles enemies while quenching their anger; restore peace in the family; «Absorbs» the discontent of the authorities. Universal source of luck and happiness. Mineral tends to change their natural color during inclement weather and to near disaster in the hands of a terminally ill man — pale. Turquoise — Stone leaders, fighters, strong, brave and independent people.
Wear turquoise with him, and she will protect you from bad weather, to open the eyes of the approaching disaster.
The Persians were of the opinion that it is necessary every morning, a couple of minutes to look at the turquoise that day did not happen no harm. The stone helps the wearer to understand the meaning of life (defined what he wants from this life), to focus, to understand — what is necessary to achieve the objectives as well as keeps the person from the fruitless deeds of vanity and various ills.
Energy turquoise is so strong that gives its owner the opportunity to gain power and high prestige. Do not forget that this stone is of high moral character is different because it is not necessary to break the morale, otherwise it will severely punish.
Magic happiness turquoise and help in matters of the heart. In the Middle Ages believed that if a girl quietly zashet mineral in the clothes of men, it will get his loyalty and love. Astrologers advised to wear mineral bluish-whitish color to people who were born under the sign of Sagittarius; white turquoise — Aries, Virgo, Pisces; green — Taurus and Scorpio. The rest of the signs of the zodiac have to wear turquoise blue, except for people who were born under the sign of Leo — they Turquoise «contraindicated». Wear turquoise and «Yes you will be happy!».

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