The magic of love in its present form. How to call a loved one.

Why does not he call? Yes, unfortunately, many men do not have the heart to call you after the first date, many people simply do not know what you ask and tell. Or it may be the reason that I wrote in a previous article about the telephone conversations or correspondence. If you clearly know what to call you, your beloved will not search for words as you find them, you will come in handy the next ritual to attract his attention.
The described method below can be used when you are tired of writing the first, and so you want to be the first call or write to your favorites. You can your favorite little shake vstormoshit.
There are several simple methods is quite efficient and does not require magic gift and special training. It all depends on your strong desire and a bit of internal energy.
Take your phone, find the number of your loved one, or even better number and photo. Looking at the phone and say the name of the photo of his beloved.
The day passed and the night has passed, it's morning, the sun rose around filled radiance of the day, my dear (name) I'm waiting for a call from you. So you can repeat the three, seven, nine times. This simple hex can act very quickly. And your favorite, you may call or write.
Few people know or believe in the fact that the human mind has quite a material force and the ability to influence the human and other objects. And for thinking there is no obstacle distance.
Everyone in my life many times noticed such cases, when it begins to think about the person, the one who he thought suddenly call or visit. Here are just here to be the first that you think about it, or it's about you, and then you.
If during such a small operation you will have lit a candle and open windows, then it will give strength to your call. This procedure can be repeated during the day several times. The most important thing that you had confidence in the fact that you can hear your favorite and be sure to call or declare.&

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