The consequences of love spell

I would like to talk a little bit about what can give love spell, and what are the consequences of love spell really.
In recent years, many forums about the magic mountain, where students sit alone — you think logically, where did this magician's time to sit constantly on the forums and there is something to recommend? So, on forums and websites about magic supposedly write such nonsense that I want to cry.
The consequences of love spell can be really, if an ordinary person had read just such a forum, and then decide to do something. It was then in the first place for him can be very dire consequences love spell, especially when it comes to serious omens!
There are also so-called omens for menstrual blood. So, it's not omens, but the real damage. And they just bring dire consequences for the ritual object, and for the most conductive.
In fact, if the spell is made right, putting the protection and does not infringe any of the principles of magic magic spell will not bring any negative consequences.
I always say to ordinary people, which is much more profitable and more efficient to order the master of magic spell than to make their own spell, to scour the network or publicly available books in search of accurate information — and most importantly, because you also need to have certain abilities that can only be at constant improvement and development of ourselves, or transferred from another master or family connections.

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