real magic spell caster Real magic spells is often confused with tricks, and the spellcaster is mistaken for a magician. Because the people who come to the spellcaster say: «Show me a miracle.» If you don't show — then you're not a caster. People ask for pulling that rabbit out of the hat, or the appearance of fire out of nowhere. In fact it is just tricks. The real magic spells is the one that will not take rukai, not taste. Real magic spell would take something for granted, or just a coincidence.
Even the great spellcasters prefer to use real magic as an aid. It is possible to remove any negative effect, but there will always be a moment of the action, which you do, whether you purchase a service or ritual that will help not only to understand the situation now, but to fix something in the future.
The most simple from the point of view of perception the real magic spells is miracles. This is the most obvious manifestation of the supernatural, of course, even materialists. A little more complicated — everyday miracles. Through them shines the wrong side of the ordinary world, shows how the intention or thought.
However, if you want to become a generator of such miracles — it is worth asking the question: what exactly do you want? You want to help others? If Yes — start with yourself. Even if you want to come to it in the service of God (Gods), we still need to start with ourselves. As it is impossible from the ore to make a shiny, beautiful ring, and the essence of our need to be first cleaned, and then brought to light.
However, if you want to work wonders, is to renounce that desire immediately, because the miracles for the sake of miracles is a show — off, hypocrisy and the promotion of false ego, which now is a cult. If you are enjoying the fruits of their labor — that is selfishness, to paraphrase the Indian lad — Dharma for Dharma is the path in the fall. This is akin to picking up, sniffing and licking the empty wrappers in order to understand what candy was there.
To do true wonders — you have to understand how they work. First, miracles are a gift, a blessing: expectation of recovery or the long-awaited birth of the child. As a test of how you react to them or you deserve them (just like give and take). This is especially famous demigods of Saturn and Jupiter that are responsible for our education on the path of spiritual growth.
Those who renounce the world receives the spiritual benefits of the phenomenon, opportunity, sandostatin and self-sufficiency. There are miracles of a plan, but they are no less wonderful.
In addition to the term supernatural is a term Siddhi. that is literally (and opportunities). The possession may be temporary, but it is also the miracles that happen to us in this world
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