The safety of using magic. Rules for Beginners

&&Do not attempt to use magic, if you are tired, sick, hungry or thirsty. Of course, if there is no question of life and death.
Constant use of magic by persons under 21 years is not desirable. Before that age is too small amount of energy and it is easy to spend a large part. This will lead to weakness, disease, loss will magic or death.Therefore, up to 11 years old magic can only be used to save lives.&Up to 14 years only in emergency cases.After 14 years, just not too often use magic.When using magic, you must clearly indicate the purpose of spells and what it has to in order to do so. The purpose may be single and group. When multiple target very easy to spend energy reserve. So try not to use spells on group goals. The distance to the target plays a role. But with the current development of technology, this role is significantly lower than before the mass use of electricity. After all, phone, internet and electrical wires are almost everywhere.
At first thought, and then do it. This principle is true always and everywhere. Magic — the only one of the means to achieve the goal. Other means may be much better.Clearly imagine its purpose, and then use the spell. Try that to you at this point is not distracted. Spell necessarily have to be completed or have a certain duration. After using magic must replenish energy. The easiest way — just something to eat or drink. Find out what good it makes up your energy. This can be chocolate, coffee or something else. Keep it close at hand. It may save your life.
Note that the energy loss is being felt in about 5 minutes after using magic. Do not forget the magic defense. Always think first about the defense, and then the attack. The enemy can send your same spell back to you. And it is much more difficult to recapture. Anyone has some protection from magical effects. Disease, hunger, cold, thirst, etc. weaken it. Hard training, or how it strengthens the case. This refers to the activity of the mind: thinking about the problem, the solution, exam preparation, etc.
When casting spells using the whole body, not just the head and hands. Try to keep the clothes allowed to move freely and does not contain too much metal. That is why magicians do not wear armor, and not because they are weak physically. In the hands should not be metal objects that are not used for the magic moment. Be sure to remove watches. They still stop using magic. But they can spoil everything. If you're not in control of his magical gift, then stay away from electronic devices. They are very sensitive to uncontrolled releases of magical energy. Magic works through any line of communication: telephone, internet, photo book, television, radio, just wires. Remember that. Children are very sensitive to magic. Try them if it does not apply. They all repeat often. And it is extremely dangerous for them. Using the magic of children up to 11 years is unacceptable. Only in critical situations. Chance of death is too great.
Try to record their achievements and experiences.This will help you and your children.Do not violate the laws of magic.Do not tell outright lies, and always follow the contract.Keep in mind that there is always someone who is stronger than you.If possible, keep your gift a secret. Ordinary people are not always properly react to it.If you are talking on the subject of magic, then make sure to correctly understand each other. Too many terms denoting almost the same thing.Try to be calm and not to go to conflict.But if the conflict has already taken place and there is no way to avoid it, then go to the end. It is advisable not yours. J Try to extinguish the conflict in the first place. When he will grow, lossless is not enough. If there is a threat to your life, it is better to destroy enemies.Your life is much more valuable to you. However, if you find yourself wrong, then you will be punished.Trust your hunches — they are rarely deceived.Do not be ashamed of his gift. It is necessary not only to you but also to others. But you do not have to use only the gift to others.You are not a slave. Try to help people, but not to the detriment of themselves.Gifts are very many girls (maybe even all) and very few men. In magic too play an important role feelings. Hence, develop them and trust them.Do not forget the basic safety rules — do not scatter their nails and hair anywhere. Do not give your photos (especially black and white and not electronic) strangers (although this is less dangerous). And the usual safety is still not invented for nothing.
Careful with their desires. All your wishes will come true strengths, but you can then regret it.Advance prepare for dates associated with magic. Such as the full moon, equinox and others. Do not forget to Walpurgis Night (April 30 to May 1). On this night, especially strong magic. Night of Ivan Kupala (from 6 to 7 June), be sure to spend with the opposite sex. Preferably in the woods or on the lake. If this is not possible, then at least talk on the phone or the Internet. It may save your life. Also do not forget about Halloween (night from October 31 to November 1).
Any started the ritual must be completed. If he interrupted for any reason, try as quickly as possible to complete it. The more energy is used and more complex ritual — the sad consequences of interruption.
If you have a large reserve of energy, you can damage the sensitive beings. Avoid touching your hands from fingertips to elbow with their skin. You should also avoid contact of untrained head.
It is not necessary to cast a spell to stop the actions of someone or without a protective circle, amulet or field. Otherwise, you can not just leave her health.
Careful with kisses on the lips. You can create a magical pair with absolutely unprepared partner. It can destroy you both.
Avoid the use of the words «dosvidaniya» — this can lead to rendezvous with a man against his will. Circumstances may force him to see you again. Eat neutral «while» or other words.
Thank only those who really had a serious service to you and you are willing to give him his service. Therefore, the words «thank you» and «thank you» should not be used often. Because saying these words, you agree to provide a certain service to your listener.
The word «free» means literally «the devil pays». So always, after providing you or your magical services, ask for or give to a certain fee. The amount should be sufficient and essential for the person to whom the services rendered. If you are rich — do not be greedy. Higher power will always find an opportunity to take charge. Free cheese is only in a mousetrap.{ФОРМА=Feedback form}

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