Valentine's Day: How to celebrate Valentine's

February 14 Valentine's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. On this day lovers exchanging valentines and recognition, and those whose heart is free to look for love.
On Valentine's Day it is customary to exchange symbolic presents — twin talismans of love, flowers or sweet gifts. But the main character was, and remains, of course, Valentine. Without it you can not imagine this wonderful connecting heart holiday.

History of valentine

To some it may seem that this holiday — just a new fashion trend, and valentines — a commercial move, not more. However, it is not. In this card has its own history, and very long.
Mass production of this symbol of love was established in the 19th century, and before that otkrytochku with declarations made by yourself, by hand. Valentine painstakingly carved, decorated, gave them individual traits, touching recognition. Traditionally, it was supposed to be anonymous. Sometimes, for the sake of postcards signed with his left hand, so as not to give himself even handwriting, or have resorted to other tricks.
And the first handwritten valentines have appeared already in the 15th century. So that this sometimes modest and small otkrytochku very long historical path. Now Valentine is experiencing its heyday.

Valentine's Day in 2018

This year, Valentine's Day is celebrated on a grand scale and worldwide. In social networks, you can find examples of the most inventive Valentine. Here are some of them:
Sweet Valentine is very popular this year. They can be purchased in pastry, or even try to make themselves. What successfully demonstrate the hostess:
Celebrating Valentine's Day and in the schools. The children make valentines with their hands:
Valentine balloons, too, are in demand. They adorn the bedrooms and luxury lovers, and even the rooms on the job:
Even simple, everyday things become the reason a declaration of love and remind about feelings:
And, of course, not only the children make valentines with their hands:
Some of these ideas can adopt you. And it is not necessary to wait for the next Valentine's Day, to present such a present second half. After all, you love each other always. So, any morning can be festive.

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