Water magic spells

water magicWithout water, people can not live more than a week. If this term is more, in the body can occur, irreversible changes. This proves that the water for the man, perhaps the most important element in nature. At least, not less important than the air.

In all the world's religions have rituals associated with water. In Orthodoxy, we drink the holy water, we baptize children, washing them with water. Christ received spiritual strength when thirty baptized and bathed in the waters of the Jordan River. Jews commit ritual ablutions every Friday and to all religious holidays. Muslims give the water no less important — in that religion, too, there are many rituals associated with bathing. Buddhists love to fish for inspiration, as was the case with the Buddha, to whom was enlightened when he was looking at a drop of dew.

Gentiles also worshiped the water, honoring her as a deity. For example, the Trinity (holiday, come to us from paganism) decided to pour water on each other to attract rain, made to swim, dive wreaths. Trinity water, as well as the baptismal ascribe healing properties. This water watered gardens, orchards, crops — for the future of a rich harvest.

Overwhelming desire of people to explore and conquer waters. So, perhaps, now so popular different school captains, many people want to be trained yachting. Water attracts people. With it, he shall be removed from the bustle of the modern world, from his cares and troubles.

Sailing yachts, motor boats, catamarans, jet skis — ships of different classes and different prices, but they are designed for one thing — to make people come into contact with the great mystery — the mystery of water.

Sell Boats — is that not like to do no man has ever released conquer water spaces on the vessel. And in all the «guilty» magic water. Like water attracts people — their strength, serenity and at the same time unpredictable.

Since ancient times people have noticed that the water is able to provide a person with vitality and even cure diseases. Water is not only used for ritual and magical affairs but also for medicinal purposes. Back in the thirties of the last century, scientists have found the link between the activity of the sun and water. Scientists came to the conclusion that water has memory and stores the information, electromagnetic radiation, ultrasound, vibration ...

No wonder that it is a glass of water trying to bring to the man, abruptly exhausted or unconscious, and often it is simply a means of helping. Certainly, it is the magical properties, the water from time immemorial use traditional healers. On the water, «slander» of prayer, charms, and even the health damage. According to the teachings of yoga in the water is a lot of prana — the energy of the cosmos. This accounts for its healing properties — by bathing and drinking part of prana absorbed. Especially if the body it is currently much needed. There is even a view that the sensation of thirst — it is not only the need for replenishment of fluid balance in the body, but also to replenish prana. Yogis claim that in time drunk water (natural or specially processed) can not only renew strength, but also to cure and promote efficiency.

No wonder so many of bioenergy use in their medical practice, the properties of water, if necessary in the short term to energize people. Here's one of them, it is very simple and can be applied even in the office or on the way to work.

Relax the muscles in your body, close your eyes (better to do it while sitting), imagine that you are standing under a cold shower, or a waterfall. Duration of treatment — 3-5 minutes. This method refreshes, invigorates and gives relax and de-stress. So, the thought of the water can be curative. Still water — a great power! It is life itself.

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