Ways to eliminate the effects of nervous overstrain!

HeadacheHeadache — is a disease of our time, the most frequently annoy us. Important role in the emergence of headaches play TV, environmental degradation and deafening noise of modern large cities in which we live. Fortunately, sorcerers have kept a lot of recipes that allow you to almost completely remove the headache.The oldest way is to take any herb (usually ivy), growing on the head of any statue or monument. Tie it around the patient's head blue thread. This will soften even the most severe headache.From headaches and help cushion of leaves Artemisia. If you have a headache, you can also put a piece of Artemisia in the nose.Known and another agent. Sew a blue fabric small bag and put it in equal parts lavender, mandrake, peppermint, artemisia, cloves, oregano and orange peel. Tie to the pouch blue yarn or cord and wear around your neck so you do not have a headache. They also say that it is sometimes useful to sniff these herbs.Often for the treatment of headache using garlands and wreaths, in particular wreaths of violets or mint marsh, which is worn on the head.Or another recipe. Recently plucked leaves of bergamot, lavender and mint mash and attach to the forehead. This should ease the pain. In addition, you can use cucumber peel.ColdsAmong the diseases of our time, gives us the most problems, colds should, perhaps second only to headaches. Modern medicine still can not completely deal with colds, despite all its achievements. However, the solution to this problem know sorcerers and magicians. The best way to fight colds is their prevention. This is done as follows.Cut the onion into quarters and place to one side in every room in your home or apartment. This will protect you from the cold. If the disease has already come to the house every day, put the sickroom garlic or onions to avoid infecting other people.From the cold is very good eucalyptus. Sew a bag of blue cloth, and put him in eucalyptus leaves. Carry a bag during the cold season. These charms are absolutely necessary for those who live in the desert with hot, dry climate. The sharp contrast between the air-conditioned car in the burning desert and the cool halls fairing multiply the risk of colds.Another good tool is the prevention of colds regular use eucalyptus oil, which smeared his forehead, throat and wrists.In addition, as did the old wizards and witches, man, every day to eat one bulb, never catch a cold!&

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