When the beginning of the effect and the result of love spell?

A lot of letters comes without pictures and people immediately, as they say in the forehead starts to ask questions such as: how many days will start to work love spell? How many days to wait for the result? and other matters of this nature.
I tell you again, not knowing the situation, not seeing the photos (and your bewitches people), just to name a time interval when the love spell will affect impossible. Even if we take a different love spell, then in the same situation happen that spell will operate in a different period of time.
So after all the situations are different, and the same love spell will act differently.
There are other factors that can affect the way in how many days will start to work love spell. But it is not so important. Main immediately write me a letter with attached pictures. Then will receive a full answer.
And just without pictures, I can only based on the practice called approximate validity period of a love spell, but nothing more.
The only thing I would add, it's about a group of powerful love spell, which always gives the result in 7-10 days, but they did not for a long period of time, but it's just an exception to the rule.

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