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White magic spells for love and successWorld is governed by very different forces. Magic is divided into three major segments: black, gray and white magic spells. What to choose? Can only solve your soul. Each of us has a tendency to a particular magic, do not forget about it. If your penchant for creativity, creation, the practice black magic you can not. Spells will play against you. White magic spells are a light, pure energy. Many people think that black magic is stronger than white, because it knows no boundaries. It is not always so. The strongest spells fueling your love, pure feelings, the desire to help. White magic spells protects from the influence of evil forces, helps in love, brings a wealth of someone who really deserves it. Money can ruin a person, so that the white magic spell works selectively. With the help of white magic can not cheat or steal. Try it, maybe it's something that you need to develop strength and abilities. Top zbelaya magic spells are now available to you.

WHITE MAGIC spells or black and gray

Three areas of this type of energy 3. Of course, for those who practice, special assistants are allocated. They carry your desires, help to carry out his plan. But not all so simple. You must be confident that they will help you, but do not you become their servant
White Magic Spell
The purest magic in our lives. It is love for all living things, inanimate, plants, souls and people. White magic spells combines a huge number of ways. Her followers nourish their strength from the four elements.
This magic suggests that you ask for help, rather than forcing the universe to give you the result. If a person needs love, it does not choose a specific person, to force him to a relationship. White magic caster invokes the forces of justice that put him on the path. It can be tortuous, but will lead to happiness.
If a person needs is not enough money for the necessary things for the family, children, the white magic spell will give him a chance to get the necessary funds. Sometimes, he finds money on the street or get help from loving friends. Often it is winning the lottery or a sudden gift.
Get money dishonestly or tbrat another person — this is not a method of white magic spells. For such desires, requests are valid only forces severely punish you. Asking need as much as you need. Get more than you or not — depends on your life.
White magic caster help Angels, Spirits of Light Energy elements of nature. This bright forces that stand on your defense, help carry out the necessary rituals to empower.
The power of black magic is great, but the price for it is great. Yes, you get the power, which could only dream of. Love does not need to look for, you can bewitch, prisushit person. What will happen to him after — not for you to decide, but he will be with you. This is not always the love that people wanted, but you'll be guaranteed to be together (will be connected 2 showers).
Since you can make to change the fate, even using black magic to kill. This knowledge is well protected. Black zaklitel which penetrated deeply into the art of divination, perfectly knows the value of his business. They guard their secrets from the uninitiated, who may easily hurt themselves.
Aides here — devils and demons. One must be very cautious when dealing with them. Further ado — and you were a slave to their desires.
This neutral energy, which combines both directions. Most often, this spells good luck, business and money. To help you in this matter will be the natural energy.
Grey Magic helps you make a choice.
Our destiny depends on us
Everyone wants to be rich, successful. Everyone dreams about to meet the love. Remember that by your power of choice will depend not only your destiny, but the destiny of your family, children, and their children.
It is very important for you to live in harmony with themselves, their feelings. It pulls you to the white magic spells or black — decide. This will help you to find a balance with them.

Best white magic spells.

If you choose white magic spells, most try to imagine this power. The stronger you in the feeling of love, compassion, the stronger will be the spell.
+21. Personal custom white magic spells, via the feedback form. Only adults appropriate people!

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