Who trade our fear

&People at all times, something feared. Psychologists believe this property is a natural gift: a creature knows not fear, it would be defenseless before any external threat.&Those psychologists say that there are situations and objects to which a person will always be fearful height, darkness, pain, a sudden change in the environment, strangers, etc.&But the depth of experience fear, mass and the number of common phobias, in theory, should change. Should I fear the man XXI century (mass), say, witches and the evil eye. However, in reality no progress tames phobia, and just changes their «range.» According to the World Health Organization, over the last 10 years the number of phobias has increased from 300 to 1030.&People who have constant fear acquired form of mental disorder, that is, literally, the patients — about 7% of the world's population. And disproportionately higher share of all this just in the countries that have succeeded more than others in the field of scientific, technological and social progress. The secret lies in the human unconscious. Fear — it is a basic instinct that will never leave our head. So when the company coped with the progress of the main sources of fears, phobias instinct was nowhere to put their energy from people and become afraid of something else, the seemingly innocuous (long words, asymmetrical things, clouds, and even sleep n the right side, clowns, phones, and confusion).&The enemy never sleeps&Of hardball and objective today is the most common phobias — fear of becoming a victim of a terrorist attack. Thus, in Moscow, according to polls sociologists fear that up to 70% of the population. Muscovites can understand that they have seen what terrorism is. But experiencing similar feelings and residents of the cities and countries where the likelihood of serious terrorist attacks is much lower than the risk of being under the car. The point, apparently, is not how real this or that threat. While terrorism — a relatively new phenomenon, the fear that it provokes, is hardly new-fangled phobia. Many experts believe that terrorism is only updated the traditional man's fear of aggressive alien, secret villain.&At different times and in different nations this villain was their appearance: witch, a Mason, a Protestant, a communist… Now insidious enemy established in the popular consciousness in the eastern man with a bomb. From the same root grows and the other phobia, the activation of which is celebrated in all the developed countries ethnophobia. The same fear of the stranger, fueled mass migration today. In Moscow, for example, 55% of people believe the undoubted threat expansion Slavic diaspora. But there are countries where just refer to the Slavs.&Fear of big cities&A truly new phobias can be considered those that are generated by changes in the human form of life. For example, the collapse of the traditional family, has led to more and more people suffer from obsessive fear of loneliness (autofobiey). This nightmare today worrying 40% of Europeans, including the Russians. In the same series — the fear of old age (gerontofobiya), who tortures four people in Europe. Many new phobias humanity owes urbanization. The inhabitants of cities, accustomed to living in densely crowded neighborhoods became panicky fear of open spaces (agoraphobia). Moreover, this space does not have to be a vast wilderness, some to be sufficiently covered with sweat on an empty area of the city, or in a room with no windows shuttered. Disease of large cities called psychologists and fear of public speaking (peyrofobiyu).&&This disease interferes commit any act that may attract the attention of others. Here, in fact, a whole bunch of phobias: fear to express their own opinions, to speak to a stranger on the street to get acquainted with the girl, to speak to a large audience… At the heart of these fears — the fear of losing face, get turned down or show his incompetence.&Increased susceptibility to such phobias are people who by the nature of the activities necessary to watch over his own reputation — businessmen, executives, heads of institutions. As the pace of life is getting faster, and the ways to achieve success is becoming more difficult, widespread and began to take lissofobiya — fear not sustain life racing and go crazy. Another disturbing trend: Fear of «younger». 95% of patients in psychiatric hospitals suffering from phobic disorders, are people under 40 years of age.&Trade fearWhy is education and technical progress is not saved mankind from phobias, and, conversely, «loaded» us new nightmares? This question can be answered a question: Does humanity recover from fear? After treatment do, in fact, only psychiatrists. But the cultivation of phobias in the world today is busy the whole industry of fear. Fear has become a commodity that costs nothing, but it is expensive for sale.&For example, we know that people in car accidents die a hundred times greater than in air crashes. However, many fear to fly airplanes, and mass avtofobii not noticed. This is understandable: any air disaster, in whatever part of the world it may occur, immediately became a television event picture that will be shown to millions of people, and not one time. A car accident — is often banal episode. This is the principle of selection of information in the media, that is good news, which is able to strike the viewer (reader, listener) on the nerves. At the level of physiology is just an adrenaline shock, «Exciting» destination.&You can call a number of phobias that have arisen in a vacuum, and is intended solely as information products: the fear of aliens, fear of cosmic disasters (including a recent syndrome 21/12/12), robots, or the Internet. Needless to say, based on the exploitation of phobias business of insurance companies. Do well in this field and manufacturers of drugs, cosmetics, and all sorts of hygiene services. If you believe the advertising, the current men after 40 years, almost without exception suffer from prostatitis. Naturally, it dramatically increases sales and profits with medication urologists.&Psychiatrists suspect that a number of phobic disorders, such as falakrofobiya (fear bald) ritifobiya (fear of wrinkles), osmofobiya (fear of the natural smell of the body) were not known to medicine, if they had no income to producers of perfume. How, in other matters, and the film industry, specializing in disaster movies. This is the way of the movie «2012.» This also applies to all kinds of apocalyptic sects.&«Trafficking in fear» — the most popular of Political Technologies. Whenever politicians need to enlist the support of the citizens for a questionable operation to crush the resistance of opponents or prevent the likelihood of failure in the elections, they are released into society some «horror stories» that can paralyze the mass consciousness.&It can be a «biological weapon» of Saddam Hussein, the «conspiracy of oligarchs», the threat of «communist revenge», the «war of civilizations» — any fiction that is able to inspire confidence and to fear. At the current means of communicating, you can instill anything. Moreover, that any social institutions and in the prevention of fear, humanity has not invented. There are only a mental hospital, but this is quite the lot of patients.&vokrugsveta.ru

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