Why do I need to get rid of old things?

Get rid of old things, they have the energy of Saturn, and this planet is considered the embodiment of loneliness, unhappiness and problems. It is believed that because of the old things in the house can not enter a new energy.

For example, if you have a closet packed full of old and unfashionable clothes you do not wear for a long time, then you close your energy access. The universe seems to be saying, «Why do you want to make a new dress? You and so all scored! „And you really start to earn less. The best thing — just upload your stuff to those who need it.

If a woman marries a second time, she had to throw the clothes in which she was seeing other men. This is especially true of underwear, and in addition, bed linen. Because all of this is in someone else's energy, and on a subconscious level man will feel it. He may not understand, why are annoying, but worse is to treat his wife. It is believed that the old stuff left over from a previous marriage, destroy the new family.

If you are seriously ill, and was a threat to life, after recovering to throw the clothes in which you were sick, get rid of bed linen in which you were sleeping.

But there are times when you can and want to keep old clothes. For example, a woman living in a happy marriage, and she has a dress, which is associated with pleasant moments. This dress can be protected and then even give her daughter, because it carries a positive energy.

I want to add another proven recipe obtained experimentally. Thing can be a little change, if you really really sorry to get rid of it. And it is not only the oldest, but also the new, so to speak of mass production. Fit to figure shortened alter buttons, decorate embroidery — ideas of mass, it would wish. For what? In order to “erase» the program, «breathe» in her life, filled with fresh energy… It's no secret that a thread with a needle can work wonders. Making a seemingly simple movements — every stitch needlewoman «creates» its own destiny.

Our progenitor knew about it because sat-stitch sewing, praying, well tuned… Shirts, embroidered for her spouse, a veritable charms, kept it in heavy fighting. Embroidered shirt, of course not easy… But there is another secret — cut buttons in the jacket of her husband, and sew again, his loving hands, filling every stitch pleasant thoughts and warmth of your heart… And love will be even stronger!


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