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I have a lot of friends in the US. After reading my predictions concerning the future of Russia and Ukraine, they keep asking me what’s going to happen to the US. Usually, I try to laugh the matter off, saying something like, “Do you know that your government is launching a new bill design? Haven’t you noticed that every time they do that, the US economy is about to collapse?” But people want to know more, they want details. They know how good I, witch Reddy, am at telling fortunes. That’s what I’m going to do now. However, let me warn you first that for me the Americans and the US government are two different things. In certain matters, they have nothing in common. However, both influence the future of their country equally.
The friendliness and religiousness of Americans, their hard work and readiness to always lend a helping hand prevent the country from falling into the bottomless abyss on the edge of which it is standing right now. Unfortunately, it may not be enough, and the country may suffer a punishment incurred by the American government. I’m speaking about the horrible things they’ve been doing under the mask of fighting for democracy and personal liberty. Disguised by mass media and their propaganda, it’s leading the US to a collapse. The country is going to face a tragedy, in comparison with which the Great Depression of the 30s and the Economic Crisis of 2008 will look like a picnic.
However, the economic situation is not the only thing the US needs to worry about. It’s the natural factors people have no control of. First of all, it’s the Yellowstone Caldera. Did you watch “2012,” a breathtaking movie about the eruption of a huge volcano? Believe me, the volcanic eruption described there is not nearly as destructive as it can be. According to the scientists, it can start any minute, causing earthquakes across the continent (up to 9.0-magnitude earthquakes) and deadly acid and alkaline rains. Tons of volcanic ash will fall down. To find out what’s going to happen after that, try googling “Pompeii” and “Herculaneum.”
Also, any moment a country may be punished with a giant tsunami or flood, submerging the entire western and eastern coasts of the US. I don’t want to list the cities which may end up on the bottom of the Ocean. There may be too many of them. You can do that yourself. Just draw a line along the coasts that is 80-95 miles deeper into the continent.
The climate will change, too. The country will face extreme, unprecedented winters (like those in Siberia, North Pole and Alaska). This will affect the US economy and every single man living in the country. Home heating bills will skyrocket. Farming will be impossible in most areas causing rise in food prices.
New Yorkers will experience freezing temperatures most of the year, while the coastal waters will be icebound. San Francisco’s yearly average temperature may drop by 18-22 degrees.
There’s more to it. The US is going to pay for its aggression regarding their foreign policy. Unfortunately, the great country is governed by people who are not great at all. You must be wondering, “Why do God want to punish the entire population of the US because of a small group of people? Why don’t they punish them and leave the rest alone?”
Unfortunately, that’s how Universal Justice works. The US government, as an elected body, represents the interests of the country. That’s why each individual who participated in the election bears responsibility for the crimes committed by the government. They let those crimes happen! That’s why they all need to be punished. Amazingly, all but the government…
Like skilled black sorcerers, they will find a way to avoid punishment by shifting the responsibility onto their voters. It’s like an economic crisis. America’s richest people (0.5%) who control about 98% of the money of the US, playing with microeconomics and dollar rate cause the remaining 99.5% of the population to lose their jobs, insurances and savings, dooming them to poverty, while they themselves come out smelling like a rose. During a crisis, you not only lose everything you have, but also become dependent on bank loans. As for them, they just lose a few billions, that’s all. What does it mean losing a billion for someone who has dozens of billions?
The same is true for the government. They have done everything to make sure neither an economic crisis nor climate changes will affect them. If they start losing money, they’ll pass dozens of new laws to get it back… or to double it! If natural disasters occur, they’ll have enough money to be able to live in areas not affected by them (not necessarily by purchasing property; military intervention is possible as well). They know they and their families are safe under any circumstances. Sometimes I find myself thinking that if aliens start invading the planet, the US government will make a deal with them, offering their own voters in exchange for their safety. If you want to see how it happens, re-watch “The X-Files.”
Let’s talk about the future the US is going to face if the government doesn’t change its policy. I, witch Reddy, used the tarot cards repeatedly to predict the future of the US, and checked the results over and over again only to see the same picture: a conversation between Barack Obama and& John Carry in& which they discuss destabilization of the situation in Ukraine, Syria and Iraq, and its financing. They also discussed organization of bloody revolutions and civil wars in other countries of the world. I saw them take money from American tycoons, change the country’s policy to influence oil and gas prices. To please a few large manufacturers, they doomed millions to unemployment and poverty. They sent soldiers to defend the interests of brokers and other billionaires… Still under the mask of democracy, of the country…
Over just a few years, the US has done so much evil, that all the good done by it in the past, from giving millions of immigrants from all over the world a chance to live a new, better life, to the victory in World War II, can’t ensure that the American nation will be protected against Higher Powers.
Below are some of witch Reddy’s predictions concerning the future of the US:
1. The falling dollar. Despite all the efforts of politicians and bankers, the US dollar will no longer be a world currency shortly. The fall of the US dollar will be so low that the government will have to not only change its design, but also introduce a new currency, like they did in the EU.
2. A disastrous economic collapse which will cause over 40% of Americans to lose their jobs. Just imagine that you have a family, and one day you and your wife find out that you’ve been fired. You will no longer be able to pay for your children’s college, while your elderly parents will be left without any social welfare, for all their savings have been turned to dust.
3. Trying to pull the country out of the crisis, the government will launch several wars (I see at least one in Latin America, one in Africa and one in the Middle East; but the most dangerous ones are going to be its attempts to launch a military operation against China and Russia). It’s going to be one of those rare cases when the US won’t be able to win…
4. The world will find itself on the brink of a nuclear war. Fortunately, no nuclear attack will be launched.
5. The country’s radicals will mobilize. Some of them will try to seize power, while others will form merciless and horrifying terrorist groups.
6. Crime figures will rise sharply. The police will no longer be able to handle it, despite toughened laws and penalties (for committing a petty larceny, a man will be sentenced to 20 years in jail).
7. Living standards will drop, so will average life (by 10-15 years). Population growth will be haltered, because people will be afraid of becoming parents under such conditions.
The country will undergo a lot of other hardships. It’s so sad that I don’t even want to talk about it. If you want me to tell your fortune, I’ll be happy to do that for you. Just contact me and I will perform a fortune-telling ritual personally for you.
As for the US, it’s not too late to change everything. Unfortunately, nobody’s going to do that. The US government has been doing evil for many years now, but it is the US people who will have to pay for that.
© Witch Reddy

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