Your first spell and witchcraft

&In order to fulfill the primary magical skills for young magicians usually older, more experienced offered special witchcraft for beginners who do not have any risk, but allows a good workout in this difficult matter. Variations of this ritual can be a lot of it depends on the individual characteristics of the individual to whom it is applied. For example, it is possible to train using a universal conspiracy. It must do in the dark, with the utmost concentration on an object. The sequence of actions should be as follows:
Collect rainwater (or snow) to bring home.&&&&&&Light two candles, turn off the lights and slander on the water follows: «Water, Help me to learn. What I can tell you — that vylesh into the web of the day. Suppose tomorrow I (say an event that should happen). You have a connection with the land of the sky. So be it. Amen. „
If you have already mastered, as magic hands, you can help yourself in the pronunciation of the spell, making circular passes over the water. This will enhance the effect of the above.
Should carefully approach the selection of his first magical techniques, as it can set the pace all future activities in the field of magic.For example, it is possible to work out various conspiracies to food and water. Especially good if they carry a positive energy message — for example, will be willing to recovery or well-being. This is not only good in terms of working out their own skills, but also in terms of the beginning of magical career.
If you figure out how to conjure water, it will be possible to learn in one fell swoop at once set of magic tricks, as it is water is a strong energy hub through which you can record and transmit any information to the noosphere and energy.
The simpler, kinder and more positive your first Witchcraft — better than its spiritual orientation — the stronger and more significant effect. It is advisable not to do witchcraft money, jewelry or tangible items (unless, of course, this is no special abilities).
Also, experts advise to start with the most magical exercise of authentic human rituals: for example, Russian or Slavic witchcraft incantations — to do Russian (or Slav), the German magical rites are the ideal starting point for German, Irish should practice the local magic Indians — create rituals according to their traditions etc. This state of affairs is necessary, in particular, in order to effect radical, original knowledge to penetrate the armor of individual perception, enhance the effect of magical effects.
It is not recommended to start a magical way with such negative things like damage, love spell, love spell cemetery, prompting the crown of celibacy, black rituals, witchcraft voodoo, etc. Not only that, these actions significantly worsen karma, they also can break all magical achievements, established the sorcerer to a specific point in time, putting an end to his career.&

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